Final day of entries in reverse chronological order (contest ended around 8PM PST), please read in an appropriate mindset, perhaps as @canoelover suggested, a 14 yr old’s πŸ˜‰

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RikRay: Hold on tight, I’m kind of a hang dog #climberpickup

RikRay: I don’t normally like climbing cracks that are wet, but for you I’ll make an exception #climberpickup

RikRay: I haven’t quite figured it out, but my rubber gets really sticky watching you climb #climberpickup

JODell_the3rd: Not a bragger, but Im pretty good at smearing, stemming, crimping, and jamming buttresses. #climberpickup

RikRay: I’ve been watching you climb, you really carry your rack well. Wanna try a layback? I’ll give you the sharp end. #climberpickup

heffayb: “I just busted a nut falling for you” #climberpickup

heffayb: “I like your features” #climberpickup

JODell_the3rd: Not a bragger, but Im pretty good at smearing, stemming, crimping, and jamming buttresses. #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “wow, you climb like a girl!” #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: just lay down on my crash pad and let crimp onto your shoulders #climberpickup . How’s that?

TheBreakdown6: Don’t worry baby, I’ll suck the poison out… #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “stand clear while I pull this rope – this is not how I envisioned us getting rope burn” #climberpickup

martinpribble: #climberpickup “I’d love to do a reverse zipper on THAT crack!” sorry had to do it

bittabuffalo: “offwidth? pshaw! if its too wide to stack hands you have to stack climbers. Wanna help?” #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “want to help me practice my knots?” #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “from pitch three I bet no one down here can see what we’re doing” #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: I was just walking through trying to find a new highball, and now all I can think about is sending you… #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: We can wait out the storm in the back of my Element…just lay your clothes here to let them dry. #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: Go ahead just do a knee-bar like this and then roll over on your side…#climberpickup

martinpribble: #climberpickup my girlfriend would react to “Hi! I’m Dave Graham!”

martinpribble: #climberpickup “Let’s test the sweat wicking ability of my sleepingbag together!” yeah that was crap sorry

chadmor: “I taught Chris everything he knows” #climberpickup

K2Kyle: Apologies in advance for this one πŸ™‚ #climberpickup : I know I’m on thin ice but I’ve still got some good screws in my sac. πŸ˜‰

m1nd7r1p: It’s not the size of the cam, it’s the skill of the jam. #climberpickup

sellout: “I could give your TCUs some TLC.” Leave the acronym expansion up to the recipient. #climberpickup

sanityinc: #climberpickup I normally go for five-ten, but you’re a ten-out-of-ten

paukku: “Man, I really need to get (be)layed!” #climberpickup

paukku: “You look like you know your way around nuts.” #climberpickup

paukku: “Would you hold my nuts for a minute?” #climberpickup

paukku: “If I was a boulder problem would you flash me?” #climberpickup

paukku: “Hi, I’m a socially inept rock climber and umm…er…well…nevermind.” #climberpickup

RikRay: Last one: You may have a small rack, but damn you have some nice lookin’ booty #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: Can you help me put my Big Bro in that crack? #bwowchickabwowbwow #climberpickup #yeahisaidthat

RikRay: My gear zippered, and left me hanging. Can you help me get back up? #climberpickup

RikRay: #climberpickup My tips are kinda sore, but I would mind pullin on some nubbins with you

nsmonkeygirl: Wanna take advantage of that dropseat on your harness #climberpickup

nsmonkeygirl: Hey baby, can I practice on your fingerboard? #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: My ballnutz would look great on your rack #climberpickup #imjustsaying

paukku: “I took a shower this week.” Trad climber #climberpickup

gracechua: #climberpickup Does Arcteryx make strap-on harnesses?

RikRay: #climberpickup If your thinking about a bigwall, let me teach how to ride a pig.