What’s the foremost question on a climber’s brain? Right, “How do I land one of these hunks/babes?” I thought I’d write a guide to answer that question.

  • Step 1. Become a climber on your own
  • Step 2. Get a boyfriend/girlfriend. If they are already a climber skip to Step 4. If not proceed to Step 3.
  • Step 3. Teach them how to climb
  • Step 4. Make sure they will be there to catch you when you fall
  • Step 5. Have adventures with them
  • Step 6. Get married and spring the news on your website/blog followers.

Alright, calm down, Rockgrrl isn’t turning into some odd version of Cosmo, and if you really do have “landing” a climber as the foremost question on your climber brain you really do need to work that out. As you may have guessed, this is not a hypothetical post. For those who follow my Twitter account and may have noticed that my climbing tweets got a little sparse and then I went off to Costa Rica… well, I was busy planning a do it yourself wedding and a Costa Rican honeymoon and this is my tongue in cheek way of announcing that I got married to a fellow climber!

Short version of our “Boy Meets Girl” story: We met at a fencing tournament where he took First in the Men’s Competition and I took Second in the Women’s (I could’ve taken First… but that’s another story). Our first date was me taking him climbing and then he taking me to sushi right afterwards. Our second date was a Yosemite backpacking trip.

We got married at a small ceremony with a lot of help (for example: his mom made the cake, the reception was at a client of mine’s restaurant, the wedding party wore their own clothes – though I did buy a new dress). Our wedding day splurge was to stay at a very nice hotel for the weekend which was also used for Bride prepping and for the photo shoot (see pic).

We’re looking forward to more adventures together and take inspiration from other married climbing couples. We won’t wear our rings when climbing but one of our wedding gifts was a pair of belay devices so we’ll substitute those  😉

Choose your climber carefully, they need to be able to catch you
Choose your partner carefully, they will need to catch you!