Well we wrapped up the contest portion of the #climberpickup. Judges weighed in with their top three choices (and some listed Honorable Mentions as well). Our judges were:
@cjedmonston @cragbaby @cupcakemafia @katiebeth @theclimbergirl and @rockgrrl (that’s me!).

We all thought it was very hard to choose so each judge chose her own top three picks and we let any overlap determine the winners.

So here we are:
3rd place goes to @paukku with “If I was a boulder problem, would you flash me?”

2nd Place goes to @bittabuffalo for “You know, I’ve always found bruised legs, short nails and three days without a shower dead sexy” #climberpickup

And in 1st place…
@Nathanwind with:

Would you mind giving me a spot? I think I'm about to fall for you.

@Nathanwind wins a t-shirt with his quote on it!

Other #climberpickup shirts are available in the rockgrrl gift shop, and a portion of the proceeds of each shirt sale will be donated to a climbing related charity which will be determined. See what’s currently in the growing collection here!