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Entries in reverse chronological order for May 27th:

RikRay: #climberpickup If your thinking about a bigwall, let me teach how to ride a pig.

RikRay: #climberpickup Your the kind of girl I’d love to see in a squeeze

bittabuffalo: “I’m just going to do this solo. So you can hold my nuts”. Not much of a #climberpickup, but fun 😀

RikRay: Could you take a look at these for me? I think my nuts are hanging too low. #climberpickup

CFOServices: #climberpickup The move: Angle for bouldering instead of climbing for close “spot” technique.

cjedmonston: I’ll be your belay slave… #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: No no, leave the harness on… You can clip into this! #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: oh, look, our crash pads connect, must be a sign! #climberpickup

JODell_the3rd: ur (crash) pad or mine? #climberpickup

theclimbergirl: My van with the bed in the back or yours? #climberpickup

RikRay: My forearms got so pumped, I had to stop thinking about you #climberpickup

RikRay: If I told you I was falling hard, would you be my belayer? #climberpickup

RikRay: I’m can’t seem to get this out by myself. Would you give me a hand with this ballnut? #climberpickup

cupcakemafia: I have to throw it out there…”I want to ‘rock’ your world” #climberpickup

RikRay: I have a route you might like, goes up a pillar to the summit dome #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: hey, lets go back to my portaledge and talk about body tension over a box o’ wine. #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “You know, I’ve always found bruised legs, short nails and three days without a shower dead sexy” #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: you mean you’ve never tried a fist jam? #climberpickup

canoelover: #climberpickup “check out my extra special ‘friend’…it expands so much you only need one for your rack.” #ifeellikei’m14

BryanKuhn: Trad climbers ALWAYS use protection. #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: Hey, that’s a nice set of nuts! #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: I’ve seen your rack and it’s AT LEAST a 5.13b #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: Wow! You totally crushed that boulder… Wanna have sex? #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: #climberpickup Trad climbers know several ways to tie in w/out a harnes

RikRay: There’s only room for two at the belay. Your partner should wait here in case something happens #climberpickup

RikRay: Hi, wanna trade hip belays? #climberpickup

RikRay: Wanna see my new bivy sack? It came with mirrors and crushed red velvet lining.
theclimbergirl: Wanna Gunks? #climberpickup

RikRay: You have all the attributes to be a great boulderer, ever try a V69?

rockgrrl: #climberpickup You should see my other rack!

theclimbergirl: I’ve got a bed in the back of my car & a bottle of white in the trunk pantry. I make a mean instant oatmeal in the am… #climberpickup

chadmor: “When I see you I dream of a 3 day adventure in the Grand Tetons” #climberpickup

mark_spottswood: #climberpickup I hesitated to climb the chimney without protection, but once I saw her Valley Giants, I knew we had to go all the way.

shenoahahaha: “Yeah, I got a peak you can bag.” #climberpickup

paukku: My friends call me the Crack Master. #climberpickup

paukku: Wanna try out my new crashpad? #climberpickup

paukku: I prefer real slopers to plastic. #climberpickup

paukku: I’m really good at hand-jams. #climberpickup

paukku: Beautiful slopers, mind if I slap them? #climberpickup

mark_spottswood: #climberpickup Offwidth? No worries; I pack a Big Bro, just in case.

mtsquirrel: can I borrow your 22cm ice screw? #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup Bob: “Hey baby, whatsay we zip our bags together and share some body heat?” Dave: “You’ve been on this mountain too long!”

TheBreakdown6: is that a biner in your pocket or… #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup I’m tired of going solo, mind if I grab your jugs and jam into your crack? I promise to use protection. 😉

cjedmonston: “That’s not a piton in my pocket. I’m just happy to see you.” #climberpickup (stolen from and Odub song)

theclimbergirl: Mmmm, my pecs are sooo tight… must be from carrying my rack. Wanna give ’em a rub? #climberpickup

RikRay: Your harness looks too tight. Would you like a belay? #climberpickup

shenoahahaha: “How ’bout we top out at my place?” #climberpickup

shenoahahaha: “I’ll be your belay slave any day.” Keep those pickup lines coming!

chadmor: “I am Chris Sharma” – #climberpickup

3shotslatte: Nice rack! #climberpickup

nsmonkeygirl: Saw this on a forum so won’t take credit for this #climberpickup line “Hi, I’m Chris Sharma” – has just the right hint of climber fandork

mark_spottswood: #climberpickup Despite what you may have heard, this Alien is perfectly safe. Want to put it on your rack?

canoelover: #climberpickup “Your hands…they’re so…cracked and unattractive…”

nathanwind: #climberpickup hey, I’m no mathematician and ‘am useless with numbers, but baby you’re a perfect five ten!

nathanwind: #climberpickup how about dinner sometime? I know this place that does the most amazing zero fat branch chain amino acid dishes…

nathanwind: #climberpickup would you mind giving me a spot? I think I’m about to fall for you!

nathanwind: #climberpickup whats a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? (only works if you have one of these! )

nathanwind: #climberpickup If I said you had a beautiful body harness would you hold it against me?

RikRay: I hope I’m not being too forward, but would you like to do some face climbing? #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup “The secret to a successful screw is a firm grip and a good bite!”

martinpribble: #climberpickup Hey babe, give me some beta on how I could onsight your rack!