We’re doing it folks! Plans are made, flights are booked.

When: November 13 – 15th, 2009. (Though some are coming early)

Where: Joshua Tree National Park, California. Hidden Valley Campground is where we’ll be aiming for.

Who: Mainly members of the climbing community on Twitter but also some friends and family. Climbers of different interests and ability will be there.

What: Climbing, camping, talking, having fun!

Why: C L I M B (and community)

How: Any way we can. Because this began as a Twitter conversation between @katiebeth @unredacted and myself (@rockgrrl) it has been in the very informal stages for awhile, however @eleddy soon joined in and really stepped up to make a wiki and you can see more of the “How” there.

Everyone is responsible for their own gear however carpooling can be arranged via the wiki and the early birds will try to hold some campsites for the group.

If any companies would like to participate/sponsor, feel free to contact me, we have a great group going and this is a great chance to connect.