Day 1 of the Twitter Climber Pickup lines contest started off with a frenzy! Below are the entries up to 12:00 Midnight PST. It’s not even a full day of entries since I only created the hash tag around 3 PM PST! If you missed the other post about what this is,  it’s a contest on Twitter (see first post about it).

Here are the entries starting from Tuesday May 26, in backwards chronological order and ending with the tweet announcment (I’m @rockgrrl on Twitter) of the new hashtag #climberpickup. Warning: Double entendres, puns and sometimes not so “double” entendres will be found in the lines following:

martinpribble: #climberpickup Hey babe, give me some beta on how I could onsight your rack!

gracechua: #climberpickup climbers do it with beta. (Also #aquariumpickup – fish lovers do it betta…sorry…)

RikRay: I have a tuber you can use anytime you want #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup “No! You don’t understand, that’s not what I meant by having krabs on my nuts!”

K2Kyle:  “Can I put my nuts on your rack?”

K2Kyle: “Is that your oversized friend in your pants?”

mikefford: Do you ever caress the holds like they’re nipples? I do. Watch me climb this wall of tits.

bittabuffalo: What about “keep me tight, I’m going to layback and work the crack”? 

mikefford: Hey, you’re pretty good at holding that rope…

mikefford: Hey, I see you like getting white stuff on your hands…

mikefford: I need a buddy to do a buddy check off with. Will you be my buddy?

mikefford: So, how about we go for a drink after we finish this climb?

climbingchrispy: How about — “If you show my your rack, I’ll show you my nuts.” #climberpickup

martinpribble: Dry-tooling? Smearing? Mixed? Conga-line? I’m up for anything as long as I get to place some gear!

dloo: That’s the problem with climbing safe! You try to use protection, but you just end up with krabs. #climberpickup

IrimiAddict: #climberpickup “I’m in the mood for a stamina-crushing jug-haul…my place or yours?”

dloo: Do you mind spotting me while I downclimb? Those jugs are just too perfect to let go!

cjedmonston:  I could rest on those jugs all day

h2meyer: “Do you like climbing? Let’s have sex.” #climberpickup

m1nd7r1p: Some climbers get off soloing; me, I’d rather play with your rack. 

m1nd7r1p: Artificial holds will do in a pinch, but I’d rather play on naturals. 

chadmor: “That crack is so thin that the only thing that’ll fit is a pair of blue ball nuts” Not really a #climberpickup

RikRay: I bet you look great in a chest harness #climberpickup

RikRay: Pulling on jugs is fun, but I prefer two finger pockets #climberpickup

m1nd7r1p: The best crack climbs end with nice jugs. #climberpickup

RikRay: You have the most beautiful rack I have ever seen, what’d it cost? #climberpickup

RikRay: If I scrub that crack, will you wash my rope? #climberpickup

RikRay: Watch me, while I beat on this pin #climberpickup

pangtastic: “My portaledge sleeps two, you know.” #climberpickup

martinpribble: #climberpickup Interested in a runout? No protection always makes it more exciting. Let’s just combine our gear, jam away and put it to bed!

CFOServices: #climberpickup Stuck cam advice: Sometimes you just have to talk to it sweetly.

RikRay: Her favorite technique is stemming 

RikRay: Nothing like a splitter crack with no protection

RikRay: Would you please take your dirty hands off my nuttool 

m1nd7r1p: The thing I like about cracks: The deeper you get, the better it feels. 

pwcarey: #climberpickup My crashpad is made from HP cloud servers, its colored W/O, O, W/G, B, W/B, G, W/B, B. Howdja like to tone check it with me?

martinpribble: #climberpickup My portaledge has room for two, if you know what I mean

m1nd7r1p: Wanna see my offset nuts? They’re a perfect fit for your flaring crack! #climberpickup

rstefani: “Can you hold these nuts for a sec?” 

m1nd7r1p: Nice two-finger pocket! 

candyjean: #climberpickup “I’m the best Belay in Town”

CFOServices: #climberpickup The Belayer Response: Are U w/ me? I’m w/ U honey. Are U w/ me? I’ve got U sweetheart . . . (repeat as necessary)

chadmor: “You had me at On Belay” – #climberpickup

cjedmonston: Nice booty! #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: To be honest, all I’m really looking for is a good, hard belay. #climberpickup

cjedmonston: Do you mind if I slip my rope under your route? #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: “Climb On” (soooooo many uses) #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: Nice rack. #climberpickup

martinpribble: #climberpickup “Want to restuff my chalk balls while I recalibrate your GPS?”

chadmor: “The possibility of successfully navigating a V15 is approximately three thousand, seven hundred and twenty to one!” – C3PO #climberpickup

climbfind: #climberpickup “Is that a stalagmite feature or are you just happy to see me?”

shenoahahaha: “My friends want to be your friends too.” #climberpickup Is there a limit on entries? I’m sure I’ve got more stewing for the corny category.

climbfind: #climberpickup “I like your slopers, can you teach me how to grip those?”

martinpribble: #climberpickup how about the opposite… “Crack, nuts, rack, rope, rubber… Do i make you horny baby?” (Austen Powers style) no, thats lame

martinpribble: #climberpickup “I’ll show you the ropes if you show me your rack”… ok that was lame sorry, my bad

katiebeth: “Wanna help me get belayed?” #climberpickup (I can’t believe I’m participating in this…)

chadmor: “Hey I just realized this, but you look alot like my next belay partner” – #climberpickup

pangtastic: “I love jugs”… “Nice rack”…”I’d love to get my fingers in your crack” #climberpickup

boulderdiaries: Spread your legs and trust the rubber. #climberpickup (stolen from an old Rubber Room Resoles shirt)

rockgrrl: Ok new hashtag #climberpickup RT @theusualsuspect I could see a competition based on the ‘Twitterclimber pickup line’ 🙂