goretexChecking my email yesterday I found an invitation to the Experience More Blogger Summit at Gore headquarters in Maryland. I’ll get a behind the scenes look at Gore (makers of Gore-Tex but also Windstopper and other fabrics), get to see and test new products and have questions answered at a “Myth Busters session” [I’m assuming that doesn’t mean that the MythBusters (TM) will be there but that they will test out myths for us].

I’m taking them up on their generous offer and I’m bringing questions of my own,  however Gore also specifically wanted to know about questions you might have.

So this is where you can help me out. Perhaps you have technical questions or questions about company policy, future product plans, old product lines, Gore-Tex history or how to become a product designer or work in the outdoor industry? Or maybe you can come up with a MythBusters type question that they can test!

I’d love to come armed with great questions to blow them away. Or barring that, you can have me ask, “What’s your favorite color?” 😉

I need to turn in questions by the middle of next week, so post away!