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National Conservation Lands Also Afffected by Government Shutdown – Red Rocks, etc

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area and other areas like it are also affected by the Government shutdown. Facing the threat of a shutdown, the Bureau of Land Management devised a contingency plan that helps to answer some of these questions.  Generally: Visitor centers and recreational facilities are closed (including campgrounds and bathrooms).  All permitted […]

Cébé Cinetik and Wild Sunglasses Review

I have issues with sunglasses. Sometimes they are too big for me and slide down my face, sometimes they give me headaches from temple pressure and/or poor quality lenses, sometimes they give me funny indention marks on my nose that hurt a bit when they decompress, sometimes they pull my hair out, and sometimes I […]

#YosTweetup April 2011 – Yosemite Climbing Trip In Pictures and Video

My mind has been in the visual space lately, how could it not be, five days spent in breathtaking Yosemite will do that to you. Suffice it to say that I had a great time at the YosTweetup, Luke and Lizzy were fantastic organizers, even in the face of unusual weather (it rained every day […]

Half Dome Hiking Permits Required Everyday Cables Are Up

Yosemite has decided to make the hiking permit system apply everyday the cables are up starting in Spring of 2011. Previously they were only required for weekend hiking. In 2011, free permits are available up to about four months in advance only through the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS). As before, backpackers with an appropriate […]

Petzl CORE Review – A Headlamp for All Reasons

“Whoa, that’s bright!” a fellow JTree Tweetup goer said. “And that’s only at 90%!” How many times have you put on your headlamp, switched it to it’s brightest setting and thought to yourself, “It’s not as bright as I remember”? I don’t know about you, but I’ve thought that a lot. It turns out there’s […]

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter Pump Review – Oldie But Goodie

I think reviews don’t always have to be for the latest gear so here’s one on a product that’s been around awhile, it’s my tried and true water filter, the Katadyn Hiker Pro. I first encountered this wonder when my then boyfriend (now husband) brought it backpacking on a trip we were taking in Yosemite. […]

The Clymb: $10 for Signing up! and What is it?

Now through July 18th, your friends get $10 just for signing up The Clymb is building the planet’s most dedicated network of core outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. So tell like-minded friends and family about us. We’ll credit your account $10 when their first order ships. There are two ways to tell people about The Clymb […]

Desert Climbing Road Trip – Part 1 – Red Rocks and Zion

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area “It’s snowing,” a woman to my right called out. I smiled, thinking, “Aha! There’s another climber who showers folks with a light dusting of chalk!” Then I saw the white flakes floating from the sky. They melted a moment later on my face and hands. What!?! We were in […]

Poppies! Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve Hike

Last weekend I took a 3 dayer trip to Joshua Tree (had a great time, pics to come), the Monday I got back I decided to take an impromptu trip to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. This year was a banner year according to the rangers there. I’ve been once before in 2008 and […]

Camera Harness Review – The KEYHOLE

As an outdoor adventure photographer I find myself wearing a backpack and sometimes being caught between wanting to have fast access to my camera and wanting it to be secure and comfortable to carry while I scramble around. The folks at Backcountry Solutions have come up with an answer to this situation. They offer the […]