Last weekend I took a 3 dayer trip to Joshua Tree (had a great time, pics to come), the Monday I got back I decided to take an impromptu trip to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. This year was a banner year according to the rangers there. I’ve been once before in 2008 and it was no comparison. They have several interconnecting trails amongst the hills there. I wasn’t fully dressed for a hike as I had on jeans and Ked type shoes on but at least I had my cowgirl hat for shade (there’s no shade there though the visitor center is nicely airconditioned). The poppies close up in response to cold and wind so a bright sunny day is best for viewing though not best if you are carrying around a full camera bag and tripod. Still, it was a great hike for an impromptu trip and I highly recommend going out there while the bloom is still happening. The rangers said if the weather holds (stays mild and doesn’t get too hot) the bloom could last another week, but it’s about at its peak right now.

My pics from the day (click through on a picture to see it bigger).