My mind has been in the visual space lately, how could it not be, five days spent in breathtaking Yosemite will do that to you.

The Grizzly Giant

Suffice it to say that I had a great time at the YosTweetup, Luke and Lizzy were fantastic organizers, even in the face of unusual weather (it rained every day even on the extra days K and I had tacked on to our trip). We still got some climbing in, plus hikes and a lot of fun with friends, old and new from all over the US. Tweetups are wonderful things, friendships can indeed spring from 140 character messages.

I have more words that will follow but for now, here’s what my time spent in my visual brain produced:

Select Slideshow (view it large here, or just watch below)

Mixed Media Video (4 min 30 seconds, available in HD so be sure to choose that option)

For you tweetup goers who are most likely to want to see all of my pics, here ya go (also feel free to right click and download ones of you for personal use on your site).

For anyone, tweetup goer or not, who might want a custom framed print of my photography you can see Yosemite photos here and here and soon you’ll find some pre-framed art here.