os-logo-100x100Sometimes it takes me awhile to do things. Over a year ago, I got an email from OpenSky, inviting me to their program. I thought, “What is that?” and basically ignored it. Well a few emails (and months later) I finally found out in a big way.

OpenSky is an online community of shopkeepers picked for their expertise in their field and provided with a platform to sell the products they know and love. It goes beyond Amazon affiliate links in that a shopkeeper can pick from an existing catalog of goods but they can also have OpenSky create a new relationship with companies they know and like. In this way OpenSky isn’t just a company that fulfills orders but also builds relationships within an industry.

I’m happy to announce that I will soon have an OpenSky shop of my own. My store isn’t ready just yet — hence the countdown timer graphic in the sidebar — but I’m hoping my OpenSky shop will be an easy way for you to buy things I’ve already mentioned I love and showcase some things that you may not be familiar with or that aren’t carried in your own local gear shops. Another OpenSky pro point? They have a kick butt return policy… if you don’t like it return it within a year! They even provide a USP shipping label so you don’t need to pay for return postage!

Stay tuned for my shop opening! Oh, and I’ll also take suggestions on companies I should work with, though keep in mind I have to be familiar with the product for me to carry it.