I guess Spring is in the air because in Spring a climber’s thoughts turn to pick up lines?

This morning I logged into Twitter and saw some of my Tweeps taking part in a discussion about hot climbers and geek climbers and I retweeted a line asking if it was a climber pick up line, which led to @theusualsuspect saying that he could see it as a contest. I thought, hey that’s easily done and so I replied with: “Ok new hashtag #climberpickup RT @theusualsuspect I could see a competition based on the ‘Twitterclimber pickup line’ :)”

I even pronounced @cragbaby @cupcakemafia and @katiebeth to be judges along with me and then went about my day.

I came back from a short bike ride to find that not only was it still going but it had picked up steam.

So… I’m going to make it a real contest.

To enter:
1. Get a Twittter account
2. Tweet your best climber pick up line(s) by Thursday, May 28th,  8pm Pacific Time and be sure to use #climberpickup in your Tweet

I’ll post all the entries and @cragbaby @cupcakemafia @katiebeth and I will choose our top three and hopefully overlap will determine the winner. EDIT: This just in, @cjedmonston and @theclimbergirl are now on the judging committee as well.

Winner will get their pickup line on a t-shirt from my store!

In the event of a tie we’ll do a poll vote off here on the blog.

My Twitter Glossary:

Twitter – a microblogging tool which limits the user to using 140 characters and makes your posts available for people to follow.

Tweet – 1. noun.  a mini blog post limited to 140 characters, originally used to answer the question “What are you doing?” 2. verb. To make a mini blog post using Twitter.

Tweeps – Twitter slang for “peeps” or people you follow and/or who follow your Twitter account.

Retweet – When a Twitter user repeats something someone else has said using Twitter, usually to share with more folks and/or to comment on the original tweet.

@username – A convention used by Twitter to relay messages to a specific Twitter account holder. In this case your Tweet would be directed to “username”.

hashtag – A convention of using the “#” symbol in front of a word to make it easy for people to search for Tweets on a given topic.

If Twitter still confuses you don’t worry, it happens to us all and frankly when I first joined it I didn’t see the point. Now, well, now you can see that it’s for doing serious things like this contest.  I’m kidding, if you can look beyond the silliness of the contest you’ll notice that there is a nice community of climbers who have found each other on Twitter — and that is never a bad thing in my book!