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Adventure Photography Gear – Black Rapid RS-Sport R-Strap Review

If you’ve seen me outdoors, you’ve undoubtedly seen me with a camera in hand. Combining outdoor sports with photography is sometimes hard, but always rewarding. One thing that makes it hard is handling and securing photography gear. When I first saw an R strap I was pretty excited, they are made by a company called […]

What is PlanetGear? Win a $30 Shopping Credit

PlanetGear is another limited time, deep discount (up to 70% off), shopping site for outdoor folks. They operate on the membership model where you must be a member to join, but you can relax, membership simply means that you have created a free account with them. According to their site they offer “gear, apparel, and travel […]

Petzl CORE Review – A Headlamp for All Reasons

“Whoa, that’s bright!” a fellow JTree Tweetup goer said. “And that’s only at 90%!” How many times have you put on your headlamp, switched it to it’s brightest setting and thought to yourself, “It’s not as bright as I remember”? I don’t know about you, but I’ve thought that a lot. It turns out there’s […]

The Wrist Shot Review – Adventure Photography Gear

You may have noticed I tend to have a lot of pictures from my trips and climbs, perhaps you may have even wondered, how did she have time to get a shot like this while climbing? “Very carefully!” Is my usual answer, however I now have a new one, “I used The Wrist Shot!” Golden […]

A Girl’s Gotta Pee – FUDs Review – Freshette and GoGirl

FUD. Feminine Urinary Director. Lovely sounding isn’t it? Squeamish guys and any male relative of mine, you can stop reading now. So what does it do? Well it’s a way girls can stand up to pee. Writing your name in snow? Inconclusive. Before my Indian Creek / Desert Climbing Road trip I decided to try […]

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter Pump Review – Oldie But Goodie

I think reviews don’t always have to be for the latest gear so here’s one on a product that’s been around awhile, it’s my tried and true water filter, the Katadyn Hiker Pro. I first encountered this wonder when my then boyfriend (now husband) brought it backpacking on a trip we were taking in Yosemite. […] Soon Offering A Lot More Than T-shirts

Sometimes it takes me awhile to do things. Over a year ago, I got an email from OpenSky, inviting me to their program. I thought, “What is that?” and basically ignored it. Well a few emails (and months later) I finally found out in a big way. OpenSky is an online community of shopkeepers picked […]

The Clymb: $10 for Signing up! and What is it?

Now through July 18th, your friends get $10 just for signing up The Clymb is building the planet’s most dedicated network of core outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. So tell like-minded friends and family about us. We’ll credit your account $10 when their first order ships. There are two ways to tell people about The Clymb […]

New Climbing Designs, New Shirt Colors

I’ve added new graphic illustration designs to my climbing & outdoors shop. Some of you might be able to guess the references I used (hint I made them based on a photo I took last year at a memorable bouldering session). If you give up, the answer is at the top of the thumbnail page […]

Start ’em Young – Mountain Biking?

Ok, not exactly mountain biking, but a bike that can get kids biking a bit earlier than when I started (I think I started around 7). I went to an art show curated by a friend of mine the other day and the subject of kids and outdoor activities came up, apparently she’s got her […]