FUD. Feminine Urinary Director. Lovely sounding isn’t it? Squeamish guys and any male relative of mine, you can stop reading now.

So what does it do? Well it’s a way girls can stand up to pee. Writing your name in snow? Inconclusive.

Before my Indian Creek / Desert Climbing Road trip I decided to try out the whole standing up to pee concept. I did a lot of research on what was out there and read Jenn Field’s “non-review” of sorts (she ended up not taking it outdoors so she called it a non-review). Eventually I just thought,”What the heck”, and first ordered one of the cheaper FUDs out there, a GoGirl and then also ordered a Sani Fem Freshette when I belatedly read about issues with the GoGirl and using it without removing one’s pants. I even ordered  some wax coated cardboard type disposable ones. Overkill? Yes, but having never been to Indian Creek before or driven out to the Utah desert I feared long stretches of road with no rest areas, bathrooms or trees. Plus I also had a review in mind. What can I say, I’ll take one for the team!

In terms of the long drives, it turns out I didn’t have to worry, the rest stops were nicely spaced and in decent condition and there was rolling terrain enough for a gal to be able to otherwise drop her pants if she had to.

Where I did try out the FUDs was on climbing days. Sometimes that led to interesting circumstances. I was trying out the GoGirl near a climb several feet up from but still near the road in Zion, when to my horror a bus load of tourists pulled over to watch my friend climbing a single pitch route just on the other side of an arete from me. I was faced away from them but I feared they had binoculars. I couldn’t help but still look for a bush to hide behind.

On to my review. The directions on any FUD suggests you practice in the shower. I did that and had no issues. But, having read Jenn’s review I was afraid I might get performance anxiety. Turns out I had no issues with either device.  The difference in the two non disposable models I used is that the GoGirl is flexible silicon, and the Freshette is hard plastic with a pull out tube. This sturdier model was better for using more discretely (I didn’t have to lower my shorts). With the GoGirl I wasn’t confident to do that so it was a little pointless in the convenience area, however it worked in the “don’t have to balance squat” way. Since the GoGirl can stow smaller I can see how it might be useful in areas where it isn’t so much standing up is a convenience but a way to get away from unsanitary positions (portapotties or unkempt bathrooms) or to put distance between you and poison oak / ivy, bugs, etc.

Bottom line, if you’re thinking of peeing on the go without pants removal grab the Freshette. Otherwise the GoGirl is fine. The disposables I’d pass on or just keep in my car if I didn’t have either of the other two.

And oh yeah, ladies, don’t pee into the wind or try to pee uphill. Fortunately I didn’t do either of those things since I read those tips on Amazon reviews. However, these devices are so freeing that I can see how some girls might try to do either one. I haven’t tried the snow trick either, if you have let me know 😉

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