I don’t qualify for this but I know at least one of my readers is on a youth competition team and some others have kids who are climbing. The application isn’t due until July of 2012, but you need to list your accomplishments “in the past year” so that’s a little more incentive to enter competitions starting now. Winners get $400, 2 pairs of shoes, a shirt and hat, and a one year contract on Team Five Ten. The prizes for runners up are pretty cool too.

This is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to a climbing “scholarship” 😉

Here’s the press info below:

Five Ten announces FIVE TEN CORE AWARD for youth gym teams.

Five Ten, the leader in high-friction footwear, announces the CORE AWARD ™.  The Five Ten CORE AWARD is designed to support athletes who embrace adventure and push their personal limits. This series focuses on aspiring young climbers.

Climbing is on the fast-track to become an Olympic sport, and Five Ten supports this future-generation of Olympians with the new Five Ten CORE Award™. Five Ten created the CORE AWARD to support love of adventure and pursuit of excellence: qualities that we know Five Ten climbers will bring to not only the Olympic Games, but all of the Worldʼs Greatest Sports.

To encourage young athletes to pursue their dreams, weʼve created five awards of $400 each to help with coaching, training or travel costs. Weʼll pick one first place winner from each of the 5 USA Youth Categories, and three runners-up in each category.

First place winners will receive $400, two pair of Five Ten shoes, team shirt and hat, plus a 1-year contract on Team Five Ten.

The three runners up in each category will receive two pair of shoes, T-shirt and a spot on the Five Ten Youth Development Team.

Five Ten CORE AWARD winners will be announced in August, 2012. All applications must be submitted by 15 July, 2012.

Athletes must be 19 years old or younger and have been competing in youth or junior categories.

In order to apply for the Award:

Application must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from Team Coach or athlete mentor.

Application must include a brief (250-300 word) essay on athleteʼs accomplishments in the past year.

Application must be accompanied by one photograph of the athlete, wearing Five Ten shoes or logoed apparel.

Application package must be submitted in complete form to: Nancy Bouchard, Five Ten Sponsorship Director, nancy.bouchard@fiveten.com. Please include CORE AWARD application in the subject line. Once submitted, all application materials are the property of Five Ten.


Climberʼs Name:

Date of Birth:

Address/Email/Contact Info:

Name of Gym where climber trains:

List 6 competition placements/athletic achievements in past 12 months.

Coach recommendation:  (Coaches may recommend up to 4 kids per team).

Essay by the applicant:  How Climbing Has Changed My Life (300-500 words).

Five Ten reserves all-rights to use application material.