Ola Loa Energy Review / Contest
Photo shows the Orange flavor in a 12 oz mug, a box showing the Tropical flavor design, and a packet of the Cran-Raspberry Flavor

Ever get tired of drinking plain water? I do. Ever get tired of swallowing vitamin pills? I do too, so when the opportunity came up to review Ola Loa multi-vitamin mineral drink supplements I took them up on their offer.

What is Ola Loa? Basically the product is a packet of powder which you can add to water (or they say you can add it to juice) which then fizzes up and turns your drink into a flavorful, healthful concoction with added Energy (or Repair) benefits. Or so they say. I was curious to try it.

When I received my box I found they had thoughtfully mixed up the flavors in the box so I got to taste all three flavors available as an Energy mix: Tropical, Orange, and Cran-raspberry. Over the course of a little over a week I drank at least one of these a day (they suggest 1-3 packets daily but I averaged 2 a day), trying to see if it made any noticeable “energy” difference.

My conclusion is: inconclusive – on the energy front. If I had my drink in the morning I think it did seem like a slight “pick me up” but nothing like a Monster Drink — which in my book is a good thing as so called “energy drinks” sometimes affect me too much and definitely don’t feel particularly “good for you” overall. Those drinks seem to contain a lot of sugar plus caffeine, a combination which often makes me crash after taking them. Ola Loa’s ingredients read more like a vitamin to me, Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Potassium, Vitamin A, Calcium, Zinc etc. Overall calories are listed as 5 and sugar per serving is listed as 1g (see full ingredient list for the Cran-Raspberry flavor). I never felt like I had a crash after drinking Ola Loa.

Though my crude energy test result is “inconclusive” I did feel better just simply drinking more liquids each day. I have terrible tasting tap water at home so don’t drink as much as I should, having flavor to my water that wasn’t just sugar made it easier and even pleasureable to drink more.

Ola Loa flavors were great too, of the three I tried I liked their “Tropical” flavor the best, but don’t find any fault with the other two. The instructions said to use 4-6 ounces of water but I found that my drink still had sufficient flavor for me if I used 8 or even 12 ounces of water.

If you’re a fan of Emergen-C, I’d say Ola Loa is comparable in flavor and effect so if you find you get an energy boost from Emergen-C I’d say you’d get the same from Ola Loa’s Energy formulation.

Overall, even though I say the energy effects are “inconclusive” I still think this is a great product. Even if the energy pick up I felt was just because I drank more water, in my opinion that’s always a good thing. Plus by using Ola Loa I also was able to consistently get vitamins and minerals I needed into my diet without having to swallow pills. When out climbing I also liked that I could drink some of my water as plain and then dump a packet in my water bottle in the remaining water to give myself a nice flavor boost.

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