I made a mix of video Luke, Lizzy and I took with my Flip MinoHD at Gunsmoke. The music was provided by Flip so sorry if it’s a little repetitious. It’s currently not in HD as the full file was over a gig in size and Vimeo (even the Pro version) wouldn’t take it. I’ll provide in two parts in HD in a little while but I like the narrative as a whole so here it is:

JTreeTweetup Gunsmoke Video Mix – Non HD version from rockgrrl on Vimeo.

Gunsmoke V3 boulder problem
Climbers: Marcel, Nina, Katie, Eileen, Rick, Jeremy, Chad, Luke, George, Lizzy

Camera operators: Eileen, Luke and Lizzy
Camera: Flip MinoHD from rockgrrl.com*
Made possible because of the #JTreeTweetup

*Unfortunately the HD version was over 1 Gig in size so I could not upload it here (even with Vimeo Pro). I’ll chop it up and upload it in HD parts.