climbercampingpacklist-2In Part 1 I shared my detailed & annotated Google Map, Part 2 I highlighted tips on what to bring. Now I bring you my promised, Climber’s Joshua Tree Camping Pack List. I created it using PackWhiz, a handy online app which lets you create, modify and share packing lists. My list began as a template PackWhiz’s creator, George Sudarkoff, made for his own JTreeTweetup needs [yep, he’ll be attending!].

If you want a quick and dirty list without modifying it for your own use, you can just go to the PDF version here.

This concludes my Climber’s Guide to Joshua Tree Camping (for now). I know I’ve left out a lot of information but if you have any questions feel free to ask them and I’ll answer in the comments or with another installment.

For those going to the JTreeTweetup, see you in a few days!