Sometimes I love headbands and sometimes I hate them. I love them when they help keep hair out of my face and look good. I hate them when they

Bani Band Headband
Bani Band Headband

are too tight and give me a headache, are too loose and slide off, and if they look bad. Unfortunately I have encountered more headbands that I have hated than loved.

Bani Bands, however gets a thumbs up from me because they come in a variety of looks (and different widths) and mainly because they are adjustable. As I mentioned before in a helmet review, I seem to have a large head. I’ve worn many headbands in my life but found many of them uncomfortable if I wore them for more than an hour.

Bani Bands sent me two headbands, one wide (like the one in the picture) and a skinnier one. I preferred the skinnier one for active sports, but the wide for a different fashion look. One thing I like about the wide one is that it is only wide up front, the part that goes near the neck is the skinny adjustable part so that it stays under my hair nicely and doesn’t bunch up like other cloth band ones tend to do. Both bands came in great color patterns, and have a nice velvet lining which they describe as “soft-grip”. I at first was wary that it would just slip off my hair but did not have that problem so I’m quite happy about that!

If you’re looking for a fun stocking stuffer or just to spruce up your own active look for the coming New Year, these headbands (and maybe something from the Rockgrrl shop!) would be great gifts.