I went on a camping trip to Green Valley Lake, California last weekend with my sister and her family which includes her husband and her two identical twin girls, who just turned 3.

Toddler Twins Go Hiking
Toddler Twins Go Hiking

Here are a few things I learned:
1. When you go camping you “co-op-er-ate”
2. You do not get fussy when camping.
3. If you are having trouble you: Breathe deeply, ask for help nicely, and be patient
4. A mini van with its doors closed makes a nearly sound proof “time-out” capsule where you can yell all you want
5. 3 year old girls can have no fear, including no fear of heights
6. My nieces are going to be crazy climbers, they wanted to boulder everything!
7. You do NOT need an alarm clock if you sleep near 3 year old twin girls
8. Tents are great for dance parties, naps, and getting scared
9. Fungi growing on a fallen tree is not a fungus, it is an alien!

I had a lot of fun camping, I was surprised at how much energy my nieces had, even at 7000 feet elevation and at cold temperatures. We hiked up a hill (no trail) and then did some bouldering at the top before traveling a very little ways on a trail and coming down a different route. [Of note to climbers, I saw a big slew of boulders from the top vantage point, next time I’m bringing a spotter and crash pad!]

My nieces are only 3 and have been camping and hiking many times now. I think I’ll take my lessons learned from the trip and will try to apply them to my next outing.

Looking for that handhold
Niece P looking for that handhold
Decked out for the cold
Niece E decked out for the cold