– Blog Rotating Header Image 10 Year Anniversary – Chaco Boots Give Away!

It’s been 10 years since first launched and one of the highlights of this time period for me has been joining the Chaco Ambassador team. Well, I was thinking what better way to celebrate’s 10 Year Anniversary than to give away something new! I love my pairs of Chaco sandals and flip flops, but I’ve also discovered their great line up boots!

Tedinho Waterproof Boot

Tedinho Waterproof Boot

These Chacos still have that same, knee and stride saving footbed but now come in trail, rain, snow and/or fashion friendly boot versions.
The winner will get their choice of one pair of male or female boots! You can see the boot line ups here: Men’s Boots and Women’s Boots.

How to Enter

This will be a random give away.

You can better your chances of winning by doing all of the below, or just do one of them if you’re feeling especially lucky!

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post by answering one of these questions: When did you start climbing? Do you own Chacos?
  2. On Twitter, follow @rockgrrl and @chacousa and tweetyour favorite outdoor location and use the hashtags #RockgrrlAnniversary #ChacoPlaces in the tweet
  3. Post a reply with a photo on the Rockgrrl Facebook post about the contest with a photoof the place/area they first got hooked on climbing or the outdoors.
  4. Post a reply with a photo on the Chaco Facebook post about the contest with a photo of the place/area they first got hooked on the outdoors.

Entries will be counted from today through midnight PST on October 31st and the winner will be announced by noon PST Thursday, November 1, 2012 on the blog.

  • SJ

    I've owned the same pair of Chacos for at least 10 years. They've carried all across North American and they're still going strong! Love my Chacos!

  • Sonya Richards Just

    Q: Do you own CHACOS?
    A: I have CHACO in my blood, I started kicking for my chaco's in the womb!

  • Grace Collier

    I wear my Chacos everyday!! It is starting to get cold in Chattanooga now so I rock the Chacs with socks!! My sandals have taken me through not only the terrain of America but also Brazil and Haiti! I can not wait to wear them in Greece next summer!!!

  • Jenn

    Love my chacos! I wear the ALL the time February through October. They get a winter break but I do pull them out on any seasonably temperate days during the winter.

  • Greg Nickel

    I don't climb other than a hill on a trail, and yes I have chacos, only 3 pair. Have wanted those boots since they came out with them.

  • nsmonkeygirl

    Yay Congrats on 10 years!! I'll go ahead and answer the questions in #1 – I started climbing when I was 18ish but was pretty on and off about it until I was 26. At that point I started climbing more consistently (other than a 2 year break).

    No Chacos for me right now, but all your posts with pics of your cute shoes is making me want some!!

  • Nichole Marino

    Congrats on ten years! :o) I started climbing when I was in 8th grade but just on rock walls and high ropes type things, it was summer 2011 that I began climbing outdoors (so at 19). I own a pair of chaco's sandals that I love wearing everywhere!

  • lila herbst

    i like free boots. my climbing career is also about 10 yrs old, and yes, i own and love chacos sandals.

  • Brittany B

    I have two pairs of Chaco sandals and one pair of flips, and I've been eyeing their boots for awhile! I went climbing for the first time this summer while working at a summer camp. I'm taking a rock climbing class at my college in the spring too!

  • Jessica Duckett

    I got my first pair of chacos 4 years ago and am still rockin them! They've been with me all over Europe and Africa. Best shoes to travel and go outdoors with!

  • Audrey

    Yes, I own Chacos. I got my first pair during Winter 2010-2011. They were on sale for $30 at REI. I now own 3 pairs; 2 sandals, 1 closed toe/closed heel.

  • Haley D

    Congrats on 10 yrs!!!! I started climbing 4? yrs ago. And sadly I do not own Chaco's yet….

  • Amy

    I started climbing just this year…in March and now I'm so addicted. I don't own any Chacos so I need these 🙂

  • Tali

    I began climbing in 2007 and I used to own Chacos but had to retire them. I would love to have another pair!!!

  • Laurie Tewksbury

    I own some sweet Chaco Z/2s but they don't work quite as well in the winter. Fortunately, their boot lineup is also sweet!

  • wes mendenhall

    I have 5 pairs of Chacos, but no Chacos boots…how about hooking me up…

  • Jim S

    I first started climbing in Colorado, going bouldering and then just hiking random places in the States and around the world.

  • Ki B.

    I own Chacos and seriously love them…they are super comfortable and since wearing wool socks under my chacos is not the best toe protection, some Chaco boots would be fabulous!!!