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Posts from ‘October, 2010’

What I Learned From Camping with Toddlers

I went on a camping trip to Green Valley Lake, California last weekend with my sister and her family which includes her husband and her two identical twin girls, who just turned 3. Here are a few things I learned: 1. When you go camping you “co-op-er-ate” 2. You do not get fussy when camping. […]

Joshua Tree Through New Eyes

Joshua Tree Fall season has started off with a bang for me. I went out this past weekend, Thursday night through Sunday and had a blast. Why do you say? Was it because I did my hardest red point ever? Was it because I crushed it non stop 3 days in a row? Nope, it […]

Petzl Elia Helmet Review – Don’t Let Looks Fool You

“Hey, cool helmet!” a guy arriving to the crag called out from behind me. I said, “Thanks, I’m reviewing it. It’s a women’s specific helmet.” “Oh, I could guess that because of the things around it,” he circled his finger around this head. He meant the vine and leaf like design on the helmet. A […]