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EZEE Camera Strap Review

The EZEE camera strap is a strap system that allows you to carry your camera at the ready in front of you while also distributing the weight between your two shoulders. It is comprised of webbing, a keeper on the back, swivel attachment points and a set of rings (in two sizes) for your camera. […]

Complete Veggie Protein Berry Blast Review & Coupon Code

I was contacted by All Pro Science folks to do a review on their product, Complete Veggie Protein powder. I was happy to find that their product does not contain milk product (in fact, it is Vegan), so I agreed to give this a go myself. Many other protein powders are made from dairy, which, […]

Adventure Photography Gear Review: GoScope Extreme 2x Telescoping GoPro Pole

The GoScopeExtreme 2x Telescoping GoPro Pole is a handy tool to use to get more out of your GoPro. While the primary feature of the pole seems to be for the user to capture themselves in the action, I like to find different/more ways to use tools and found it quite useful to get shots […]

Premier Protein Shakes and Bars Review and Giveaway

Note from Rockgrrl: I was offered some protein bars and shakes to try out from folks representing Premier Protein. I emailed back to accept their offer of free product but one small issue occurred after I talked to them a bit… the protein they use is mainly based on milk whey, and I’ve recently found […]

Climbing Pants Review – Outdoor Research Women’s Voodoo Pants

If you’re a climber girl you’ve probably known the pain of finding great climbing pants. I know I have. Sometimes I’d think I’d found the perfect pair only to have them tear or lose their shape. Well, can I tell you how lucky I feel that Outdoor Research sent me the Women’s Voodoo Pants to […]

Outdoor Research Insight Lab – I’m in!

A representative for Outdoor Research, makers of outdoor gear since as long as I can remember [they officially started in 1981] recently contacted me via Twitter asking me for my email. I gave it to him and it turns out I was chosen to be part of the inaugural Outdoor Research Insight Lab team! This […]

Terramar Smart Silk Baselayer Review

Ah, layering. Such a great technique, and one that I like doing best when I have great layers all the way through. When I was offered the chance to review a Terramar Smart Silk V-neck top I took it (they sent it to me free of charge). The top looked slim and the fabric (a […]

Review: Bani Bands Adjustable Headbands

Sometimes I love headbands and sometimes I hate them. I love them when they help keep hair out of my face and look good. I hate them when they are too tight and give me a headache, are too loose and slide off, and if they look bad. Unfortunately I have encountered more headbands that […]

Review of the Eastern Mountain Sports Women’s Divergence Pro Jacket

Review of the Eastern Mountain Sports Women’s Divergence Pro Jacket By Terri Barry The 4th Annual Joshua Tree Tweetup was one of my best climbing trips ever. I had four full days of climbing for the first time, I spent time with some of my favorite Twitter Climbers, I met great new Twitter Climbers and […]

Cébé Cinetik and Wild Sunglasses Review

I have issues with sunglasses. Sometimes they are too big for me and slide down my face, sometimes they give me headaches from temple pressure and/or poor quality lenses, sometimes they give me funny indention marks on my nose that hurt a bit when they decompress, sometimes they pull my hair out, and sometimes I […]