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Gourmet Backpacking Trip – High Sierra Trip Report

It all started when I got an email from my friend Su: Hey Eileen, If you’re free on August 13-14 and can cook a gourmet meal in the wilderness, you might want to apply for a spot in this trip I’m going to with the Sierra Club… My mind started spinning as she described dishes […]

Alpine Climbing – Tuolumne Trip 2010 Part 1

Day 1 – Hobbit Book “We’re at about 3,093 meters,” Jeremy said. The numbers didn’t really register, we were on top of Mariuolumne Dome having just finished the multipitch climb, Hobbit Book (5.7R). Jeremy added, “that’s over 10,000 feet, the highest I’ve ever done actual rockclimbing”. This was coming from a guy who was not […]

High Sierra / Tuolumne Trip ’09 – Part 1 Candlelight Buttress

Despite a stomach sinking prologue to my trip, I was excited to go out to Tuolumne again and this time to add a stop to climb near the Whitney Portal. The Plan was pretty complicated, aside from two nights outside of Tuolumne, Peter and I were in charge of procuring a campsite for a number […]

East Face – Mt. Whitney – Trip/Epic Report

August – September 2008 This was to be my second time at the summit of Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States standing at 14,505 feet. Was I nervous? Not really. I was a little apprehensive about the part where I’d be carrying not only my climbing gear but my backpacking gear […]