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How to Get Started in Rock Climbing – Rockgrrl.com 10 Year Anniversary Series Post

I recently realized that not only is Rockgrrl.com 10 years old this year, but I started climbing over 20 years ago! It made me think back on when and how I started and how it might have changed since then. I started asking climbers how they got started. “A friend asked me to go bouldering […]

A Girl’s Gotta Pee – FUDs Review – Freshette and GoGirl

FUD. Feminine Urinary Director. Lovely sounding isn’t it? Squeamish guys and any male relative of mine, you can stop reading now. So what does it do? Well it’s a way girls can stand up to pee. Writing your name in snow? Inconclusive. Before my Indian Creek / Desert Climbing Road trip I decided to try […]

Climber’s Guide to Joshua Tree Camping – Part 3 – Detailed Packing List

In Part 1 I shared my detailed & annotated Google Map, Part 2 I highlighted tips on what to bring. Now I bring you my promised, Climber’s Joshua Tree Camping Pack List. I created it using PackWhiz, a handy online app which lets you create, modify and share packing lists. My list began as a […]

Climber’s Guide to Joshua Tree Camping – Part 2

In Part 1 of my Climber’s Guide to Joshua Tree Camping I shared a map I created, I’ve since updated it with a free wifi access coffee shop,  a convenient gas station and a place to rent camping equipment so be sure to check it out again. Now I’ll get to the Packing Question. What […]

Climber’s Guide to Joshua Tree Camping – Part 1

Now that the JTreeTweetup is just around the corner I’ve been getting a few questions about Joshua Tree and what camping there will be like. I thought I’d do a series of posts on this. While you can find a lot of information online about Joshua Tree National Park, my posts will highlight a few […]