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Yosemite Valley Trip: 7 Days of Awesome – Part I Day 1. – The Nutcrackers

A Trip Report: Yosemite National Park. May 2012 with Flashbacks to April 2011 This was the best Yosemite Valley trip ever. K, Michael and I all agreed when we finally said our goodbyes back home. Seven days in Yosemite are bound to have wonderful moments but even the little mistakes made turned out well, and […]

My Top 4 Tips for Climbing in Warm Weather

Summer is upon us, at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere any way. Depending on where you are that can mean hot and humid, hot and dry, scorching hot, or hot and thunderstorms. Can you still get your climb on? I’ve found myself climbing in all of those conditions in various parts […]

Red Rocks Tweetup Prequel – Video

Weather forecasts were not our friends as we tried to plan for the Red Rocks Tweetup. With my friend Katie coming from Central California and with us still having about a five and a half hour drive to Red Rocks, we really didn’t want the sandstone rocks there to be too wet to climb on. […]