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Climber Pickup Lines – Day 2 Entries

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

For contest details see here. For Day 1 entries see here. The contest ends today at 8pm PST so Tweet away until then!

Entries in reverse chronological order for May 27th:

RikRay: #climberpickup If your thinking about a bigwall, let me teach how to ride a pig.

RikRay: #climberpickup Your the kind of girl I’d love to see in a squeeze

bittabuffalo: “I’m just going to do this solo. So you can hold my nuts”. Not much of a #climberpickup, but fun 😀

RikRay: Could you take a look at these for me? I think my nuts are hanging too low. #climberpickup

CFOServices: #climberpickup The move: Angle for bouldering instead of climbing for close “spot” technique.

cjedmonston: I’ll be your belay slave… #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: No no, leave the harness on… You can clip into this! #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: oh, look, our crash pads connect, must be a sign! #climberpickup

JODell_the3rd: ur (crash) pad or mine? #climberpickup

theclimbergirl: My van with the bed in the back or yours? #climberpickup

RikRay: My forearms got so pumped, I had to stop thinking about you #climberpickup

RikRay: If I told you I was falling hard, would you be my belayer? #climberpickup

RikRay: I’m can’t seem to get this out by myself. Would you give me a hand with this ballnut? #climberpickup

cupcakemafia: I have to throw it out there…”I want to ‘rock’ your world” #climberpickup

RikRay: I have a route you might like, goes up a pillar to the summit dome #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: hey, lets go back to my portaledge and talk about body tension over a box o’ wine. #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “You know, I’ve always found bruised legs, short nails and three days without a shower dead sexy” #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: you mean you’ve never tried a fist jam? #climberpickup

canoelover: #climberpickup “check out my extra special ‘friend’…it expands so much you only need one for your rack.” #ifeellikei’m14

BryanKuhn: Trad climbers ALWAYS use protection. #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: Hey, that’s a nice set of nuts! #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: I’ve seen your rack and it’s AT LEAST a 5.13b #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: Wow! You totally crushed that boulder… Wanna have sex? #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: #climberpickup Trad climbers know several ways to tie in w/out a harnes

RikRay: There’s only room for two at the belay. Your partner should wait here in case something happens #climberpickup

RikRay: Hi, wanna trade hip belays? #climberpickup

RikRay: Wanna see my new bivy sack? It came with mirrors and crushed red velvet lining.
theclimbergirl: Wanna Gunks? #climberpickup

RikRay: You have all the attributes to be a great boulderer, ever try a V69?

rockgrrl: #climberpickup You should see my other rack!

theclimbergirl: I’ve got a bed in the back of my car & a bottle of white in the trunk pantry. I make a mean instant oatmeal in the am… #climberpickup

chadmor: “When I see you I dream of a 3 day adventure in the Grand Tetons” #climberpickup

mark_spottswood: #climberpickup I hesitated to climb the chimney without protection, but once I saw her Valley Giants, I knew we had to go all the way.

shenoahahaha: “Yeah, I got a peak you can bag.” #climberpickup

paukku: My friends call me the Crack Master. #climberpickup

paukku: Wanna try out my new crashpad? #climberpickup

paukku: I prefer real slopers to plastic. #climberpickup

paukku: I’m really good at hand-jams. #climberpickup

paukku: Beautiful slopers, mind if I slap them? #climberpickup

mark_spottswood: #climberpickup Offwidth? No worries; I pack a Big Bro, just in case.

mtsquirrel: can I borrow your 22cm ice screw? #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup Bob: “Hey baby, whatsay we zip our bags together and share some body heat?” Dave: “You’ve been on this mountain too long!”

TheBreakdown6: is that a biner in your pocket or… #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup I’m tired of going solo, mind if I grab your jugs and jam into your crack? I promise to use protection. 😉

cjedmonston: “That’s not a piton in my pocket. I’m just happy to see you.” #climberpickup (stolen from and Odub song)

theclimbergirl: Mmmm, my pecs are sooo tight… must be from carrying my rack. Wanna give ’em a rub? #climberpickup

RikRay: Your harness looks too tight. Would you like a belay? #climberpickup

shenoahahaha: “How ’bout we top out at my place?” #climberpickup

shenoahahaha: “I’ll be your belay slave any day.” Keep those pickup lines coming!

chadmor: “I am Chris Sharma” – #climberpickup

3shotslatte: Nice rack! #climberpickup

nsmonkeygirl: Saw this on a forum so won’t take credit for this #climberpickup line “Hi, I’m Chris Sharma” – has just the right hint of climber fandork

mark_spottswood: #climberpickup Despite what you may have heard, this Alien is perfectly safe. Want to put it on your rack?

canoelover: #climberpickup “Your hands…they’re so…cracked and unattractive…”

nathanwind: #climberpickup hey, I’m no mathematician and ‘am useless with numbers, but baby you’re a perfect five ten!

nathanwind: #climberpickup how about dinner sometime? I know this place that does the most amazing zero fat branch chain amino acid dishes…

nathanwind: #climberpickup would you mind giving me a spot? I think I’m about to fall for you!

nathanwind: #climberpickup whats a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? (only works if you have one of these! )

nathanwind: #climberpickup If I said you had a beautiful body harness would you hold it against me?

RikRay: I hope I’m not being too forward, but would you like to do some face climbing? #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup “The secret to a successful screw is a firm grip and a good bite!”

martinpribble: #climberpickup Hey babe, give me some beta on how I could onsight your rack!

Climber Pickup Lines – Twitter Contest & Short Twitter Glossary

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I guess Spring is in the air because in Spring a climber’s thoughts turn to pick up lines?

This morning I logged into Twitter and saw some of my Tweeps taking part in a discussion about hot climbers and geek climbers and I retweeted a line asking if it was a climber pick up line, which led to @theusualsuspect saying that he could see it as a contest. I thought, hey that’s easily done and so I replied with: “Ok new hashtag #climberpickup RT @theusualsuspect I could see a competition based on the ‘Twitterclimber pickup line’ :)”

I even pronounced @cragbaby @cupcakemafia and @katiebeth to be judges along with me and then went about my day.

I came back from a short bike ride to find that not only was it still going but it had picked up steam.

So… I’m going to make it a real contest.

To enter:
1. Get a Twittter account
2. Tweet your best climber pick up line(s) by Thursday, May 28th,  8pm Pacific Time and be sure to use #climberpickup in your Tweet

I’ll post all the entries and @cragbaby @cupcakemafia @katiebeth and I will choose our top three and hopefully overlap will determine the winner. EDIT: This just in, @cjedmonston and @theclimbergirl are now on the judging committee as well.

Winner will get their pickup line on a t-shirt from my store!

In the event of a tie we’ll do a poll vote off here on the blog.

My Twitter Glossary:

Twitter – a microblogging tool which limits the user to using 140 characters and makes your posts available for people to follow.

Tweet – 1. noun.  a mini blog post limited to 140 characters, originally used to answer the question “What are you doing?” 2. verb. To make a mini blog post using Twitter.

Tweeps – Twitter slang for “peeps” or people you follow and/or who follow your Twitter account.

Retweet – When a Twitter user repeats something someone else has said using Twitter, usually to share with more folks and/or to comment on the original tweet.

@username – A convention used by Twitter to relay messages to a specific Twitter account holder. In this case your Tweet would be directed to “username”.

hashtag – A convention of using the “#” symbol in front of a word to make it easy for people to search for Tweets on a given topic.

If Twitter still confuses you don’t worry, it happens to us all and frankly when I first joined it I didn’t see the point. Now, well, now you can see that it’s for doing serious things like this contest.  I’m kidding, if you can look beyond the silliness of the contest you’ll notice that there is a nice community of climbers who have found each other on Twitter — and that is never a bad thing in my book!