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7 Methods of Battling Stinky Climbing Shoes

So one of my friends on Facebook (who shall remain nameless because I don’t think s/he’d want me to incriminate him/her) was asking about getting rid of climbing shoe funk. I started to reply and realized I was getting rather long winded and also realized others might want to read and share their own solutions […]

Merrell Siren Sport Omin-Fit Shoe Review

I received a pair of Women’s Siren Sport Omni-Fit shoes a few months ago and have been testing them ever since. By coincidence I also received a pair of the waterproof version of these shoes, the Siren Sport XCR Gore-Tex, ¬†as well when I went on the Gore trip so I’ll include a few comments […]

The 5.10 Outlet in California – Great Deals

Last Friday I finally got to go to the 5.10 Outlet store in California. My local climber friends and I had been hearing about this shop for awhile and we talked about stopping by on our way to Joshua Tree, but there was always this one catch… It’s only open on Fridays, it’s only open […]