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Complete Veggie Protein Berry Blast Review & Coupon Code

I was contacted by All Pro Science folks to do a review on their product, Complete Veggie Protein powder. I was happy to find that their product does not contain milk product (in fact, it is Vegan), so I agreed to give this a go myself. Many other protein powders are made from dairy, which, […]

Gear Review: EMS Down Jacket Review

Gear Review: EMS Down Jacket Review by Ben Pope @benpope – Let me ask a question…which of these people would you rather be, right or left? That’s right – big, warm, fluffy, and even more fun to hug! Last November, at the Fourth Annual JTree Tweetup, EMS was kind enough to circulate some clothing for […]

Terramar Smart Silk Baselayer Review

Ah, layering. Such a great technique, and one that I like doing best when I have great layers all the way through. When I was offered the chance to review a Terramar Smart Silk V-neck top I took it (they sent it to me free of charge). The top looked slim and the fabric (a […]

Cébé Cinetik and Wild Sunglasses Review

I have issues with sunglasses. Sometimes they are too big for me and slide down my face, sometimes they give me headaches from temple pressure and/or poor quality lenses, sometimes they give me funny indention marks on my nose that hurt a bit when they decompress, sometimes they pull my hair out, and sometimes I […]

Adventure Photography Gear – Black Rapid RS-Sport R-Strap Review

If you’ve seen me outdoors, you’ve undoubtedly seen me with a camera in hand. Combining outdoor sports with photography is sometimes hard, but always rewarding. One thing that makes it hard is handling and securing photography gear. When I first saw an R strap I was pretty excited, they are made by a company called […]

Petzl CORE Review – A Headlamp for All Reasons

“Whoa, that’s bright!” a fellow JTree Tweetup goer said. “And that’s only at 90%!” How many times have you put on your headlamp, switched it to it’s brightest setting and thought to yourself, “It’s not as bright as I remember”? I don’t know about you, but I’ve thought that a lot. It turns out there’s […]

Petzl Elia Helmet Review – Don’t Let Looks Fool You

“Hey, cool helmet!” a guy arriving to the crag called out from behind me. I said, “Thanks, I’m reviewing it. It’s a women’s specific helmet.” “Oh, I could guess that because of the things around it,” he circled his finger around this head. He meant the vine and leaf like design on the helmet. A […]

The Wrist Shot Review – Adventure Photography Gear

You may have noticed I tend to have a lot of pictures from my trips and climbs, perhaps you may have even wondered, how did she have time to get a shot like this while climbing? “Very carefully!” Is my usual answer, however I now have a new one, “I used The Wrist Shot!” Golden […]

Review: Orikaso Bowl and Cup

I’ve been meaning to write a review on the foldable bowl and cup I own for some time now so here it is. The Orikaso Bowl “What is that?” a fellow camper asked me. It’s a question I’ve gotten a lot on various backpacking and camping trips. It comes up because someone sees me using […]