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Yosemite Valley Trip: 7 Days of Awesome – Part I Day 1. – The Nutcrackers

A Trip Report: Yosemite National Park. May 2012 with Flashbacks to April 2011 This was the best Yosemite Valley trip ever. K, Michael and I all agreed when we finally said our goodbyes back home. Seven days in Yosemite are bound to have wonderful moments but even the little mistakes made turned out well, and […]

Joshua Tree Climbing Trip Report April 1-6 – Multi-Pitch, Gordon Party, More

Multi-Pitch Trad in Joshua Tree – April 4th, 2011 “I can do this,” I said out loud. There was no one who could hear me. Perhaps the two flies buzzing around me heard, but if they did, their only reaction was to buzz me again. I idly swatted at them, while simultaneously thinking that I […]

High Sierra / Tuolumne Trip ‘09 – Part 3 Backcountry & Sport Climbs

Day 6 – 7/15 The Parade of climbers continued on Wednesday. Peter, Jamie and I started off by getting a Wilderness permit and going to Ellery Lake to do a 5.9 there but had to leave early to meet up again with the rest of the gang and new arrivals.  We rendezvoused with Cliff and […]

High Sierra / Tuolumne Trip ‘09 – Part 2

Day 3 &4 – 7/12, 7/13 “Whoa! Hey!” It was around 4 in the morning but I knew what that yelling meant — a bear. That’s how Sunday started. With a mighty shake of the truck and a bang of a box (the bear was scared off quickly and didn’t get anything luckily) at a […]

High Sierra / Tuolumne Trip ’09 – Part 1 Candlelight Buttress

Despite a stomach sinking prologue to my trip, I was excited to go out to Tuolumne again and this time to add a stop to climb near the Whitney Portal. The Plan was pretty complicated, aside from two nights outside of Tuolumne, Peter and I were in charge of procuring a campsite for a number […]