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Climbing Tips from a 2 Year Old’s Climbing Video

I have a 2 year old nephew (his birthday was a few days ago) who loves to climb on things. He scared my brother and my sister-in-law by climbing to the 2nd floor on the outside of the stair railing.  While this is a rather admirable feat for a then less than 2 year old, […]

Climber Pickup Contest Winners

Well we wrapped up the contest portion of the #climberpickup. Judges weighed in with their top three choices (and some listed Honorable Mentions as well). Our judges were: @cjedmonston @cragbaby @cupcakemafia @katiebeth @theclimbergirl and @rockgrrl (that’s me!). We all thought it was very hard to choose so each judge chose her own top three picks and […]

Climber Pickup Lines – Day 3 (Final) Entries

Final day of entries in reverse chronological order (contest ended around 8PM PST), please read in an appropriate mindset, perhaps as @canoelover suggested, a 14 yr old’s 😉 Read contest details here. RikRay: Hold on tight, I’m kind of a hang dog #climberpickup RikRay: I don’t normally like climbing cracks that are wet, but for […]

Climber Pickup Lines Day 1 Entries

Day 1 of the Twitter Climber Pickup lines contest started off with a frenzy! Below are the entries up to 12:00 Midnight PST. It’s not even a full day of entries since I only created the hash tag around 3 PM PST! If you missed the other post about what this is,  it’s a contest […]

How to Marry a Climber

What’s the foremost question on a climber’s brain? Right, “How do I land one of these hunks/babes?” I thought I’d write a guide to answer that question. Step 1. Become a climber on your own Step 2. Get a boyfriend/girlfriend. If they are already a climber skip to Step 4. If not proceed to Step […]