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Give Away and Review – Mountain Mama Baselayer

First off, Happy International Women’s Day! I thought an appropriate way to celebrate would be to feature a great company which makes maternity clothing for outdoor women! Mountain Mama, whose tagline is “Expecting Adventure” (love that), offers clothing for active women like their Clouds Rest Baselayer Maternity Top which they so graciously let me test […]

Climber Pickup Contest Winners

Well we wrapped up the contest portion of the #climberpickup. Judges weighed in with their top three choices (and some listed Honorable Mentions as well). Our judges were: @cjedmonston¬†@cragbaby @cupcakemafia @katiebeth @theclimbergirl and @rockgrrl (that’s me!). We all thought it was very hard to choose so each judge chose her own top three picks and […]

Climber Pickup Lines – Day 2 Entries

For contest details see here. For Day 1 entries see here. The contest ends today at 8pm PST so Tweet away until then! Entries in reverse chronological order for May 27th: RikRay: #climberpickup If your thinking about a bigwall, let me teach how to ride a pig. RikRay: #climberpickup Your the kind of girl I’d […]

Climber Pickup Lines Day 1 Entries

Day 1 of the Twitter Climber Pickup lines contest started off with a frenzy! Below are the entries up to 12:00 Midnight PST. It’s not even a full day of entries since I only created the hash tag around 3 PM PST! If you missed the other post about what this is, ¬†it’s a contest […]

Climber Pickup Lines – Twitter Contest & Short Twitter Glossary

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