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Five Ten CORE AWARD – Youth Gym Teams Can Win Money, Shoes and a Contract

I don’t qualify for this but I know at least one of my readers is on a youth competition team and some others have kids who are climbing. The application isn’t due until July of 2012, but you need to list your accomplishments “in the past year” so that’s a little more incentive to enter […]

Trip Report – 2nd Annual Jtree Tweetup, Joshua Tree National Park

Last year I helped organize something I optimistically called the 1st Annual Jtree Tweetup. Climbers from all over the US and Canada came, we had a great time and I’d call it a success. But to really make it earn its name we had to have a 2nd Annual Jtree Tweetup right? Right. The plan […]

Ginger Cracks Video – #RRTweetup Red Rocks, NV 2010

Just a casual video. Bit of the approach, climb & view. Bonus points if you can name the music. Ginger Cracks – Red Rocks Nevada from rockgrrl on Vimeo.

Red Rocks, Nevada #RRtweetup Climbing Trip April 2010

Sometimes the weather forecast lies. I looked at my calendar and the bright red rectangular banner that said “Red Rocks Tweetup Trip” it had changed a bit, gotten longer, gotten shorter, had names added, removed and added again; but it had been there for a while. I looked at the weather report. Rain it said. […]

#JtreeTweetup – Gunsmoke Video Mix

I made a mix of video Luke, Lizzy and I took with my Flip MinoHD at Gunsmoke. The music was provided by Flip so sorry if it’s a little repetitious. It’s currently not in HD as the full file was over a gig in size and Vimeo (even the Pro version) wouldn’t take it. I’ll […]

Climber Pickup Contest Winners

Well we wrapped up the contest portion of the #climberpickup. Judges weighed in with their top three choices (and some listed Honorable Mentions as well). Our judges were: @cjedmonston @cragbaby @cupcakemafia @katiebeth @theclimbergirl and @rockgrrl (that’s me!). We all thought it was very hard to choose so each judge chose her own top three picks and […]

Climber Pickup Lines – Day 3 (Final) Entries

Final day of entries in reverse chronological order (contest ended around 8PM PST), please read in an appropriate mindset, perhaps as @canoelover suggested, a 14 yr old’s 😉 Read contest details here. RikRay: Hold on tight, I’m kind of a hang dog #climberpickup RikRay: I don’t normally like climbing cracks that are wet, but for […]

Climber Pickup Lines – Day 2 Entries

For contest details see here. For Day 1 entries see here. The contest ends today at 8pm PST so Tweet away until then! Entries in reverse chronological order for May 27th: RikRay: #climberpickup If your thinking about a bigwall, let me teach how to ride a pig. RikRay: #climberpickup Your the kind of girl I’d […]

Climber Pickup Lines Day 1 Entries

Day 1 of the Twitter Climber Pickup lines contest started off with a frenzy! Below are the entries up to 12:00 Midnight PST. It’s not even a full day of entries since I only created the hash tag around 3 PM PST! If you missed the other post about what this is,  it’s a contest […]

Climber Pickup Lines – Twitter Contest & Short Twitter Glossary

Twitter climbers contest