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Five Ten CORE AWARD – Youth Gym Teams Can Win Money, Shoes and a Contract

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

I don’t qualify for this but I know at least one of my readers is on a youth competition team and some others have kids who are climbing. The application isn’t due until July of 2012, but you need to list your accomplishments “in the past year” so that’s a little more incentive to enter competitions starting now. Winners get $400, 2 pairs of shoes, a shirt and hat, and a one year contract on Team Five Ten. The prizes for runners up are pretty cool too.

This is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to a climbing “scholarship” 😉

Here’s the press info below:

Five Ten announces FIVE TEN CORE AWARD for youth gym teams.

Five Ten, the leader in high-friction footwear, announces the CORE AWARD ™.  The Five Ten CORE AWARD is designed to support athletes who embrace adventure and push their personal limits. This series focuses on aspiring young climbers.

Climbing is on the fast-track to become an Olympic sport, and Five Ten supports this future-generation of Olympians with the new Five Ten CORE Award™. Five Ten created the CORE AWARD to support love of adventure and pursuit of excellence: qualities that we know Five Ten climbers will bring to not only the Olympic Games, but all of the Worldʼs Greatest Sports.

To encourage young athletes to pursue their dreams, weʼve created five awards of $400 each to help with coaching, training or travel costs. Weʼll pick one first place winner from each of the 5 USA Youth Categories, and three runners-up in each category.

First place winners will receive $400, two pair of Five Ten shoes, team shirt and hat, plus a 1-year contract on Team Five Ten.

The three runners up in each category will receive two pair of shoes, T-shirt and a spot on the Five Ten Youth Development Team.

Five Ten CORE AWARD winners will be announced in August, 2012. All applications must be submitted by 15 July, 2012.

Athletes must be 19 years old or younger and have been competing in youth or junior categories.

In order to apply for the Award:

Application must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from Team Coach or athlete mentor.

Application must include a brief (250-300 word) essay on athleteʼs accomplishments in the past year.

Application must be accompanied by one photograph of the athlete, wearing Five Ten shoes or logoed apparel.

Application package must be submitted in complete form to: Nancy Bouchard, Five Ten Sponsorship Director, Please include CORE AWARD application in the subject line. Once submitted, all application materials are the property of Five Ten.


Climberʼs Name:

Date of Birth:

Address/Email/Contact Info:

Name of Gym where climber trains:

List 6 competition placements/athletic achievements in past 12 months.

Coach recommendation:  (Coaches may recommend up to 4 kids per team).

Essay by the applicant:  How Climbing Has Changed My Life (300-500 words).

Five Ten reserves all-rights to use application material.

Trip Report – 2nd Annual Jtree Tweetup, Joshua Tree National Park

Thursday, November 18th, 2010
Just some of the gang! Thursday morning

Just some of the gang! Thursday morning

Last year I helped organize something I optimistically called the 1st Annual Jtree Tweetup. Climbers from all over the US and Canada came, we had a great time and I’d call it a success. But to really make it earn its name we had to have a 2nd Annual Jtree Tweetup right?


The plan was similar to last year, in fact scheduling worked out that we chose the same Veteran’s Day week / weekend. I was able to convince a local climbing friend of mine [Michael, who is now on Twitter as @ride395] to come out on Tuesday of that week to help me get some campsites. Fortunately a number of folks were arriving Wednesday as well to help hold down the fort.

So how’d it go? Well here’s a smattering of what I learned:

You don’t have to go to Griffith Park to experience Laserium or to a remote telescope station to view stars, nebulas and detailed views of the moon. Thanks for this discovery goes to Rick (@Jetforme) and his wonderful lasers and telescope and to Dave (@dmasten) for his Pink Floyd loaded iPhone and to both of them plus Aleya (@Blueskeyes207) for their space knowledge.

Patrick (@patrickgensel aka Shoeless Joe) has both good and bad luck. He left his climbing shoes in two different places this trip but got them back. He also left his camerabag with his SLR and phone in it in a car he was hitching a ride in (in the park). It was not recovered while we were in the park but we took him to fill out a form with the rangers and he got a call Monday that the park had it.

The Palm Springs airport is kinda nice.

The Thai place Urban Spoon recommends in Palm Springs is not open anymore.

Royal Siam Thai Food in Joshua Tree is not open on Tuesdays. [of note, at last year’s Jtree Tweetup we learned that Crossroads is not open on Wednesdays].

I’m not bad at this guiding thing but a big group with mixed climbing and Joshua Tree experience can tax the planning brain.

As an event organizer, a chart showing names, approximate arrival times and cars is not too nerdy to have.

Climbing the Manure Pile rock formation (the one the campsites in Ryan Campground are situated around) is fun at night. [Thanks Petzl Tikka Plus 2 and CORE system – review to come!]

Clif Shot flavors with “+ Caffeine” work well for fending off migraines.

I can lead Vorpal Sword with style (once the migraine goes away).

Handwarmers are pretty cool things and I don’t know why I didn’t think about bringing them to Jtree before.

Clif Luna bars with giant matches (provided by nice neighbors who left camp early and gave us stuff) make a cute Birthday Cake for Laurel (@mtsquirrel) [we also said Happy Belated to Adrienne (@adrienneknits)].

You can never have enough firewood in Joshua Tree in November.

Empty boxes of stuff sponsors provided can tide over a fire while someone gets more firewood. Thanks Clif Bar, Action Wipes, Boulder Canyon, Coach’s Oats you kept us from freezing! Thanks also goes to Eastern Mountain Sports but don’t worry, we didn’t burn the hats or stickers 😛

Speaking of sponsors, I learned we should also do plugs for Tweetup goers with our own climbing/outdoors related businesses: Me! (casual clothing, gifts, various water bottles, license plate frames, yoga mats, etc). George (Backclip: a climbing information website ). Aleya (cool climbing nut jewelry, website to come?). Bill (Urbanski Farms, website to come?)

Even if your throat hurts, it’s still worth it to join in on a song you know when it’s being played on the ukelele.

When on the “reach challenged” 1st crux of Gunsmoke do not: 1. Make a comment to strangers about your chalk bag being your “spot of color” after they’ve called you a Ninja. 2. Listen to your friends when they are describing your climbing with animal terms and one of them says “giraffe”. Doing either may result in FOTCL (Falling Off The Climb Laughing).

A cold Sigg water bottle placed on the head makes a decent migraine distraction, though not so much a stylish hat.

I should take my own advice and drink more water and wear more sunscreen.

I should check all the pockets and folds in all my bags that I brought in case the Flip MinoHD I thought I forgot… is actually there.

No two Tweetups are the same but they all have something special.

Climbers who are on Twitter are pretty darn interesting.

I think there is a demand for the 3rd Annual JtreeTweetup…

List of climbing areas visited during the 2nd Annual JtreeTweetup:

  • Ryan Campground
  • Real Hidden Valley
  • Hidden Valley Campground
  • Atlantis Wall
  • Lost Horse
  • Barker Dam (Gunsmoke)
  • Echo Cove

Pics from my cameras (mostly taken by me, those with me in them have the photographer noted in the captions).

Ginger Cracks Video – #RRTweetup Red Rocks, NV 2010

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Just a casual video. Bit of the approach, climb & view.

Bonus points if you can name the music.

Ginger Cracks – Red Rocks Nevada from rockgrrl on Vimeo.

Red Rocks, Nevada #RRtweetup Climbing Trip April 2010

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Checking a guidebookSometimes the weather forecast lies.

I looked at my calendar and the bright red rectangular banner that said “Red Rocks Tweetup Trip” it had changed a bit, gotten longer, gotten shorter, had names added, removed and added again; but it had been there for a while.

I looked at the weather report. Rain it said. Rain in Red Rocks, home of sandstone rocks. Guidebooks and websites said that one should allow 1-2 days of drying time for the rock after a rain, some said 3 days if it was a heavy rain. There was a chance we’d drive 5.5 hours one way and arrive in the rain. A 60% chance according to the forecast. And if it rained hard we could be spending our 3 days in Nevada on the Vegas strip or indoors until leaving on Sunday to drive back home. Our friend Katie (@katiebeth) would be driving even further as after our place she’d still have about 4 hours to go.

We decided to hedge our bets and get some climbing in locally while seeing how the weather panned out. This time the lie was on our side. We got one drop of rain and blue skies. We took that as a good sign that the rain in Nevada would be equally light. Thursday we left for Red Rocks, Nevada with a thoroughly packed car.


What’s a Tweetup? A meeting of folks who use Twitter is a loose interpretation. In the case of the climbing community on Twitter it has come to mean a climbing trip meet up. Our packed car with 3 passengers and a ton of gear of all sorts, was just one car in a small group. We arrived in Red Rocks in the late afternoon/early evening and  looked around the regular campsite for Josh (@joshuamontague) and his girlfriend Sarah. No one in our car load had met them in person but we knew they were there as they had taken the whole week to camp. We failed to find them and also failed at first to find our group campsite.  Eventually we found it, set up, went out for groceries, came back and then folks started arriving (including Josh and Sarah). It was a strange reunion for most of us, we had the feeling of meeting old friends even though many of us had only met in person one other time at the first #climb Tweetup trip. Of the Thursday night group we had only 4 newcomers, Josh, Sarah, Peter (@pwcarey) and Adrienne (@adrienneknits). Tacklehugs flew fast and furious.


Friday we hit the 2nd pullout of Red Rocks. Our objective: Magic Bus. Unfortunately I had left one of my rock shoes back at camp. K and I would have to catch up. Those who are familiar with Red Rocks know that this isn’t just a quick drive back to camp, once you get into the Red Rocks area you are on a 13 mile, one way scenic loop road. We decided to stop at one of the view spots so I could take some shots of the view as I could already tell I’d not get a chance to catch them with the right light the rest of the trip (I was right). So once I grabbed my other shoe we went back to the pull out and hiked in. About halfway in K realized he’d left his shoes in the car. I stayed with his heavy backpack (he’d brought the trad rack as well as sport rack) and he ran back for them.

Needless to say, we didn’t catch up to the group until they were nearly done with the climbs at Magic Bus. I was there in time to see Katie do her hardest sport lead yet though (go girl!). I got one lead, one onsight and some topropes in. Unfortunately we had both photographers climbing at the same time, so no pics of me on the sharp end. After K and I finished with Magic Bus we headed out to Stonewall, where we’d been told everyone else had been heading.

We found it after some scrambling and saw Josh  and Sarah there, they asked us where the rest of the gang was. “We thought they were with you?” They were also leaving since Stonewall was in the shade and they had gotten cold. Kelly and I went up there to find a party of three just coming off of a 10d sport route and transitioning over to a 10c. We noticed they were all bundled up and one of them had gone off on top of a ramp to sit in the sun. Kelly set out to onsight the 10d with me belaying. It was cold in the shade and the little breezes were getting more frequent and colder as the sun headed down. We didn’t stay long.

We checked in at camp and found folks had already eaten, we set out to get dinner groceries and more water but ended up eating at an Islands restaurant. Great burgers. Sometimes it’s nice to have a camping area really close to a city. After burgers it was back to camp for campfire time.


K and I had discussed doing a multipitch route while at Red Rocks, since that’s what the place is really known for. However ones we had our eyes on were described as being in the shade. Fortunately Katie had run into a climber while we were at the super market on Thursday who suggested Ginger Cracks as a sunny, 5.9 multipitch trad route. We had checked it out in the guidebook Friday night between campfire hilarity and it seemed doable. Yet, Saturday morning we still weren’t committed as there was a question of who was going. In the end we went as a party of 3, K, Chad (@chadcat) and myself. Chad had arrived by himself in the wee hours of the night and was raring to go (he had multipitch experience).

On the ride to the parking area I checked the weather forecast, a high of 71 was predicted. It sounded like it was going to be nice! I also called the Red Rocks late exit number to leave our relevant information in case we weren’t out of the park by 8:00 PM. This option is only available for folks doing multi-pitch climbs (with some additional restrictions) and if you don’t do this you will get a parking ticket.

Ginger Cracks

The approach according to the guidebook was to be one hour. We started off in great weather, first downhill then on a flat sandy trail, then crossing a stream with croaking frogs before heading up hill again. It was warm and beautiful out. The trail kept going though and soon we had to pay close attention to cairns and footholds as we scrambled on small boulders and loose trail. Nearing the base of our climb we noticed a party of two on it, about a pitch up. Unfortunately we also heard voices coming from our left, possibly heading for Ginger Cracks as well. I decided to put on some steam and scrambled up a rock ramp and then up a steep hill to the base to claim it for our group. There wasn’t much need it seemed as the other group seemed to have veered off.

There was a slight problem though, the approach had taken us longer than an hour, so time was not on our side. We guessed that the hour estimation may have been for wherever that other party had started. It had taken us at least an hour and a half. In the interest of speed K proposed that he lead the first pitch instead of myself as I had been getting ready to do. I agreed though thought perhaps I could lead later.

The pitches were long. The first included hand sized cracks but also a strange person-swallowing crevice and a sharp flake. It was a pleasure to feel the soft sandstone with a hand jam. The belay had anchor bolts, something I hadn’t expected.

We were all climbing well but it was evident that we were going to be pressed to beat the clock. Unfortunately it was also soon evident that the climb was NOT going to get any sun on it. The rock was finger numbingly cold. And though, as the middle climber I ended up constantly in motion (either belaying or climbing and cleaning with a rope tail attached to me) I still shivered and thought longingly of my down jacket at the base of the climb. At least I had a Windstopper jacket and light wool shirt though.

The second pitch had what was described as a “step across” to get on another face. I made a mental note to not lead this climb unless I had a tall person with me, or perhaps a shorter 5.12 climber.

K ended up running parts of the third and 4th pitch together which included the 5.9 section of the climb.
The result was a very fun but long and tiring “pitch”. As a group we decided to bail from the top of the 4th pitch as we still had much to go and also because all we had left to climb was a 5.6 pitch, a 4th class section and a 5.8 pitch described as having something like “less than stellar rock”.

At that point I was relieved K had suggested going back, I had started to have uncomfortable flash backs to our East Face of Mt. Whitney climb. Apparently he had too and even brought up that he had said he didn’t want to cut it that close again. We were hardly in the same situation (and thousands of feet lower in elevation) but it was still the right move. We had all done the hardest pitches of the climb, and had a lot of fun doing it. The climbing had been varied, long and interesting. Aside from the parts I already described, there had also been a layback / chimney section and a face section which I liked.

We set off to rappel. Of course the very first rap, one of our ropes got stuck. We got it out and then continued down. It was a reminder though, that Red Rocks is known for problematic raps. At the base of the climb we had one last stuck rope but fortunately it came out with an additional tug.

We managed to do the most difficult parts of the hike out while there was still light, but did the easier parts by headlamp light. We got to the car just in the nick of time though,  as the wind had started to really howl.

The temperature never did reach 71.

Easter Sunday

Sunday I had thought maybe we could get more climbs in. I was interested in more sport climbs, maybe getting more onsights in. The morning consisted of breaking down camp though. K and I had opted to sleep in the car as our tent was full of dust and the wind was fierce enough to collapse Chad’s tent. Then the camping group all went to Denny’s for brunch. After that it was time for us to head home in order to beat some traffic and get Katie back to our place in time for her to drive her own leg of the journey home and arrive at a reasonable hour.

I wished I had more time to climb and also hang out with everyone. I didn’t get to take nearly as many pictures as I wanted, give out as many hugs or pull on as much rock. However the winds picked up after we left making climbing conditions harsh enough that the remaining folks only got one climb in, so I guess our little car group did pretty darn good, weather conditions considering.

To all who went, it was fun to see you again and I wish I could’ve talked/climbed with each of you more! I also want to specifically say it was great meeting Greg, Christine, Josh, Sarah, Adrienne and Peter for the first time. I hope you guys become part of the “regulars” now. And to other #climb Twitter folks out there, I hope to see you in this list next time!

Link to my #rrtweetup photos on rockgrrl

Video from the Ginger Cracks day still to come.

Random quotes:

“We don’t really need shoes for this climb” – K
“While the other kids climbed the streets pretending to be He-Man, I saw myself as Captain Bacon!” – The Group (via Denny’s Madlibs)
“I’m not bringing my down jacket up. I hope this isn’t the scene with the forshadowing music” – Me
“Click!” – Katie

EDIT: Added slideshow

Get the flash player here:

#JtreeTweetup – Gunsmoke Video Mix

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I made a mix of video Luke, Lizzy and I took with my Flip MinoHD at Gunsmoke. The music was provided by Flip so sorry if it’s a little repetitious. It’s currently not in HD as the full file was over a gig in size and Vimeo (even the Pro version) wouldn’t take it. I’ll provide in two parts in HD in a little while but I like the narrative as a whole so here it is:

JTreeTweetup Gunsmoke Video Mix – Non HD version from rockgrrl on Vimeo.

Gunsmoke V3 boulder problem
Climbers: Marcel, Nina, Katie, Eileen, Rick, Jeremy, Chad, Luke, George, Lizzy

Camera operators: Eileen, Luke and Lizzy
Camera: Flip MinoHD from*
Made possible because of the #JTreeTweetup

*Unfortunately the HD version was over 1 Gig in size so I could not upload it here (even with Vimeo Pro). I’ll chop it up and upload it in HD parts.

Climber Pickup Contest Winners

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Well we wrapped up the contest portion of the #climberpickup. Judges weighed in with their top three choices (and some listed Honorable Mentions as well). Our judges were:
@cjedmonston @cragbaby @cupcakemafia @katiebeth @theclimbergirl and @rockgrrl (that’s me!).

We all thought it was very hard to choose so each judge chose her own top three picks and we let any overlap determine the winners.

So here we are:
3rd place goes to @paukku with “If I was a boulder problem, would you flash me?”

2nd Place goes to @bittabuffalo for “You know, I’ve always found bruised legs, short nails and three days without a shower dead sexy” #climberpickup

And in 1st place…
@Nathanwind with:


Would you mind giving me a spot? I think I'm about to fall for you.

@Nathanwind wins a t-shirt with his quote on it!

Other #climberpickup shirts are available in the rockgrrl gift shop, and a portion of the proceeds of each shirt sale will be donated to a climbing related charity which will be determined. See what’s currently in the growing collection here!

Climber Pickup Lines – Day 3 (Final) Entries

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Final day of entries in reverse chronological order (contest ended around 8PM PST), please read in an appropriate mindset, perhaps as @canoelover suggested, a 14 yr old’s 😉

Read contest details here.

RikRay: Hold on tight, I’m kind of a hang dog #climberpickup

RikRay: I don’t normally like climbing cracks that are wet, but for you I’ll make an exception #climberpickup

RikRay: I haven’t quite figured it out, but my rubber gets really sticky watching you climb #climberpickup

JODell_the3rd: Not a bragger, but Im pretty good at smearing, stemming, crimping, and jamming buttresses. #climberpickup

RikRay: I’ve been watching you climb, you really carry your rack well. Wanna try a layback? I’ll give you the sharp end. #climberpickup

heffayb: “I just busted a nut falling for you” #climberpickup

heffayb: “I like your features” #climberpickup

JODell_the3rd: Not a bragger, but Im pretty good at smearing, stemming, crimping, and jamming buttresses. #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “wow, you climb like a girl!” #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: just lay down on my crash pad and let crimp onto your shoulders #climberpickup . How’s that?

TheBreakdown6: Don’t worry baby, I’ll suck the poison out… #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “stand clear while I pull this rope – this is not how I envisioned us getting rope burn” #climberpickup

martinpribble: #climberpickup “I’d love to do a reverse zipper on THAT crack!” sorry had to do it

bittabuffalo: “offwidth? pshaw! if its too wide to stack hands you have to stack climbers. Wanna help?” #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “want to help me practice my knots?” #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “from pitch three I bet no one down here can see what we’re doing” #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: I was just walking through trying to find a new highball, and now all I can think about is sending you… #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: We can wait out the storm in the back of my Element…just lay your clothes here to let them dry. #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: Go ahead just do a knee-bar like this and then roll over on your side…#climberpickup

martinpribble: #climberpickup my girlfriend would react to “Hi! I’m Dave Graham!”

martinpribble: #climberpickup “Let’s test the sweat wicking ability of my sleepingbag together!” yeah that was crap sorry

chadmor: “I taught Chris everything he knows” #climberpickup

K2Kyle: Apologies in advance for this one 🙂 #climberpickup : I know I’m on thin ice but I’ve still got some good screws in my sac. 😉

m1nd7r1p: It’s not the size of the cam, it’s the skill of the jam. #climberpickup

sellout: “I could give your TCUs some TLC.” Leave the acronym expansion up to the recipient. #climberpickup

sanityinc: #climberpickup I normally go for five-ten, but you’re a ten-out-of-ten

paukku: “Man, I really need to get (be)layed!” #climberpickup

paukku: “You look like you know your way around nuts.” #climberpickup

paukku: “Would you hold my nuts for a minute?” #climberpickup

paukku: “If I was a boulder problem would you flash me?” #climberpickup

paukku: “Hi, I’m a socially inept rock climber and umm…er…well…nevermind.” #climberpickup

RikRay: Last one: You may have a small rack, but damn you have some nice lookin’ booty #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: Can you help me put my Big Bro in that crack? #bwowchickabwowbwow #climberpickup #yeahisaidthat

RikRay: My gear zippered, and left me hanging. Can you help me get back up? #climberpickup

RikRay: #climberpickup My tips are kinda sore, but I would mind pullin on some nubbins with you

nsmonkeygirl: Wanna take advantage of that dropseat on your harness #climberpickup

nsmonkeygirl: Hey baby, can I practice on your fingerboard? #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: My ballnutz would look great on your rack #climberpickup #imjustsaying

paukku: “I took a shower this week.” Trad climber #climberpickup

gracechua: #climberpickup Does Arcteryx make strap-on harnesses?

RikRay: #climberpickup If your thinking about a bigwall, let me teach how to ride a pig.

Climber Pickup Lines – Day 2 Entries

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

For contest details see here. For Day 1 entries see here. The contest ends today at 8pm PST so Tweet away until then!

Entries in reverse chronological order for May 27th:

RikRay: #climberpickup If your thinking about a bigwall, let me teach how to ride a pig.

RikRay: #climberpickup Your the kind of girl I’d love to see in a squeeze

bittabuffalo: “I’m just going to do this solo. So you can hold my nuts”. Not much of a #climberpickup, but fun 😀

RikRay: Could you take a look at these for me? I think my nuts are hanging too low. #climberpickup

CFOServices: #climberpickup The move: Angle for bouldering instead of climbing for close “spot” technique.

cjedmonston: I’ll be your belay slave… #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: No no, leave the harness on… You can clip into this! #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: oh, look, our crash pads connect, must be a sign! #climberpickup

JODell_the3rd: ur (crash) pad or mine? #climberpickup

theclimbergirl: My van with the bed in the back or yours? #climberpickup

RikRay: My forearms got so pumped, I had to stop thinking about you #climberpickup

RikRay: If I told you I was falling hard, would you be my belayer? #climberpickup

RikRay: I’m can’t seem to get this out by myself. Would you give me a hand with this ballnut? #climberpickup

cupcakemafia: I have to throw it out there…”I want to ‘rock’ your world” #climberpickup

RikRay: I have a route you might like, goes up a pillar to the summit dome #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: hey, lets go back to my portaledge and talk about body tension over a box o’ wine. #climberpickup

bittabuffalo: “You know, I’ve always found bruised legs, short nails and three days without a shower dead sexy” #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: you mean you’ve never tried a fist jam? #climberpickup

canoelover: #climberpickup “check out my extra special ‘friend’…it expands so much you only need one for your rack.” #ifeellikei’m14

BryanKuhn: Trad climbers ALWAYS use protection. #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: Hey, that’s a nice set of nuts! #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: I’ve seen your rack and it’s AT LEAST a 5.13b #climberpickup

TheBreakdown6: Wow! You totally crushed that boulder… Wanna have sex? #climberpickup

BryanKuhn: #climberpickup Trad climbers know several ways to tie in w/out a harnes

RikRay: There’s only room for two at the belay. Your partner should wait here in case something happens #climberpickup

RikRay: Hi, wanna trade hip belays? #climberpickup

RikRay: Wanna see my new bivy sack? It came with mirrors and crushed red velvet lining.
theclimbergirl: Wanna Gunks? #climberpickup

RikRay: You have all the attributes to be a great boulderer, ever try a V69?

rockgrrl: #climberpickup You should see my other rack!

theclimbergirl: I’ve got a bed in the back of my car & a bottle of white in the trunk pantry. I make a mean instant oatmeal in the am… #climberpickup

chadmor: “When I see you I dream of a 3 day adventure in the Grand Tetons” #climberpickup

mark_spottswood: #climberpickup I hesitated to climb the chimney without protection, but once I saw her Valley Giants, I knew we had to go all the way.

shenoahahaha: “Yeah, I got a peak you can bag.” #climberpickup

paukku: My friends call me the Crack Master. #climberpickup

paukku: Wanna try out my new crashpad? #climberpickup

paukku: I prefer real slopers to plastic. #climberpickup

paukku: I’m really good at hand-jams. #climberpickup

paukku: Beautiful slopers, mind if I slap them? #climberpickup

mark_spottswood: #climberpickup Offwidth? No worries; I pack a Big Bro, just in case.

mtsquirrel: can I borrow your 22cm ice screw? #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup Bob: “Hey baby, whatsay we zip our bags together and share some body heat?” Dave: “You’ve been on this mountain too long!”

TheBreakdown6: is that a biner in your pocket or… #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup I’m tired of going solo, mind if I grab your jugs and jam into your crack? I promise to use protection. 😉

cjedmonston: “That’s not a piton in my pocket. I’m just happy to see you.” #climberpickup (stolen from and Odub song)

theclimbergirl: Mmmm, my pecs are sooo tight… must be from carrying my rack. Wanna give ’em a rub? #climberpickup

RikRay: Your harness looks too tight. Would you like a belay? #climberpickup

shenoahahaha: “How ’bout we top out at my place?” #climberpickup

shenoahahaha: “I’ll be your belay slave any day.” Keep those pickup lines coming!

chadmor: “I am Chris Sharma” – #climberpickup

3shotslatte: Nice rack! #climberpickup

nsmonkeygirl: Saw this on a forum so won’t take credit for this #climberpickup line “Hi, I’m Chris Sharma” – has just the right hint of climber fandork

mark_spottswood: #climberpickup Despite what you may have heard, this Alien is perfectly safe. Want to put it on your rack?

canoelover: #climberpickup “Your hands…they’re so…cracked and unattractive…”

nathanwind: #climberpickup hey, I’m no mathematician and ‘am useless with numbers, but baby you’re a perfect five ten!

nathanwind: #climberpickup how about dinner sometime? I know this place that does the most amazing zero fat branch chain amino acid dishes…

nathanwind: #climberpickup would you mind giving me a spot? I think I’m about to fall for you!

nathanwind: #climberpickup whats a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? (only works if you have one of these! )

nathanwind: #climberpickup If I said you had a beautiful body harness would you hold it against me?

RikRay: I hope I’m not being too forward, but would you like to do some face climbing? #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup “The secret to a successful screw is a firm grip and a good bite!”

martinpribble: #climberpickup Hey babe, give me some beta on how I could onsight your rack!

Climber Pickup Lines Day 1 Entries

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Day 1 of the Twitter Climber Pickup lines contest started off with a frenzy! Below are the entries up to 12:00 Midnight PST. It’s not even a full day of entries since I only created the hash tag around 3 PM PST! If you missed the other post about what this is,  it’s a contest on Twitter (see first post about it).

Here are the entries starting from Tuesday May 26, in backwards chronological order and ending with the tweet announcment (I’m @rockgrrl on Twitter) of the new hashtag #climberpickup. Warning: Double entendres, puns and sometimes not so “double” entendres will be found in the lines following:

martinpribble: #climberpickup Hey babe, give me some beta on how I could onsight your rack!

gracechua: #climberpickup climbers do it with beta. (Also #aquariumpickup – fish lovers do it betta…sorry…)

RikRay: I have a tuber you can use anytime you want #climberpickup

K2Kyle: #climberpickup “No! You don’t understand, that’s not what I meant by having krabs on my nuts!”

K2Kyle:  “Can I put my nuts on your rack?”

K2Kyle: “Is that your oversized friend in your pants?”

mikefford: Do you ever caress the holds like they’re nipples? I do. Watch me climb this wall of tits.

bittabuffalo: What about “keep me tight, I’m going to layback and work the crack”? 

mikefford: Hey, you’re pretty good at holding that rope…

mikefford: Hey, I see you like getting white stuff on your hands…

mikefford: I need a buddy to do a buddy check off with. Will you be my buddy?

mikefford: So, how about we go for a drink after we finish this climb?

climbingchrispy: How about — “If you show my your rack, I’ll show you my nuts.” #climberpickup

martinpribble: Dry-tooling? Smearing? Mixed? Conga-line? I’m up for anything as long as I get to place some gear!

dloo: That’s the problem with climbing safe! You try to use protection, but you just end up with krabs. #climberpickup

IrimiAddict: #climberpickup “I’m in the mood for a stamina-crushing jug-haul…my place or yours?”

dloo: Do you mind spotting me while I downclimb? Those jugs are just too perfect to let go!

cjedmonston:  I could rest on those jugs all day

h2meyer: “Do you like climbing? Let’s have sex.” #climberpickup

m1nd7r1p: Some climbers get off soloing; me, I’d rather play with your rack. 

m1nd7r1p: Artificial holds will do in a pinch, but I’d rather play on naturals. 

chadmor: “That crack is so thin that the only thing that’ll fit is a pair of blue ball nuts” Not really a #climberpickup

RikRay: I bet you look great in a chest harness #climberpickup

RikRay: Pulling on jugs is fun, but I prefer two finger pockets #climberpickup

m1nd7r1p: The best crack climbs end with nice jugs. #climberpickup

RikRay: You have the most beautiful rack I have ever seen, what’d it cost? #climberpickup

RikRay: If I scrub that crack, will you wash my rope? #climberpickup

RikRay: Watch me, while I beat on this pin #climberpickup

pangtastic: “My portaledge sleeps two, you know.” #climberpickup

martinpribble: #climberpickup Interested in a runout? No protection always makes it more exciting. Let’s just combine our gear, jam away and put it to bed!

CFOServices: #climberpickup Stuck cam advice: Sometimes you just have to talk to it sweetly.

RikRay: Her favorite technique is stemming 

RikRay: Nothing like a splitter crack with no protection

RikRay: Would you please take your dirty hands off my nuttool 

m1nd7r1p: The thing I like about cracks: The deeper you get, the better it feels. 

pwcarey: #climberpickup My crashpad is made from HP cloud servers, its colored W/O, O, W/G, B, W/B, G, W/B, B. Howdja like to tone check it with me?

martinpribble: #climberpickup My portaledge has room for two, if you know what I mean

m1nd7r1p: Wanna see my offset nuts? They’re a perfect fit for your flaring crack! #climberpickup

rstefani: “Can you hold these nuts for a sec?” 

m1nd7r1p: Nice two-finger pocket! 

candyjean: #climberpickup “I’m the best Belay in Town”

CFOServices: #climberpickup The Belayer Response: Are U w/ me? I’m w/ U honey. Are U w/ me? I’ve got U sweetheart . . . (repeat as necessary)

chadmor: “You had me at On Belay” – #climberpickup

cjedmonston: Nice booty! #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: To be honest, all I’m really looking for is a good, hard belay. #climberpickup

cjedmonston: Do you mind if I slip my rope under your route? #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: “Climb On” (soooooo many uses) #climberpickup

RedheadWriting: Nice rack. #climberpickup

martinpribble: #climberpickup “Want to restuff my chalk balls while I recalibrate your GPS?”

chadmor: “The possibility of successfully navigating a V15 is approximately three thousand, seven hundred and twenty to one!” – C3PO #climberpickup

climbfind: #climberpickup “Is that a stalagmite feature or are you just happy to see me?”

shenoahahaha: “My friends want to be your friends too.” #climberpickup Is there a limit on entries? I’m sure I’ve got more stewing for the corny category.

climbfind: #climberpickup “I like your slopers, can you teach me how to grip those?”

martinpribble: #climberpickup how about the opposite… “Crack, nuts, rack, rope, rubber… Do i make you horny baby?” (Austen Powers style) no, thats lame

martinpribble: #climberpickup “I’ll show you the ropes if you show me your rack”… ok that was lame sorry, my bad

katiebeth: “Wanna help me get belayed?” #climberpickup (I can’t believe I’m participating in this…)

chadmor: “Hey I just realized this, but you look alot like my next belay partner” – #climberpickup

pangtastic: “I love jugs”… “Nice rack”…”I’d love to get my fingers in your crack” #climberpickup

boulderdiaries: Spread your legs and trust the rubber. #climberpickup (stolen from an old Rubber Room Resoles shirt)

rockgrrl: Ok new hashtag #climberpickup RT @theusualsuspect I could see a competition based on the ‘Twitterclimber pickup line’ 🙂

Climber Pickup Lines – Twitter Contest & Short Twitter Glossary

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I guess Spring is in the air because in Spring a climber’s thoughts turn to pick up lines?

This morning I logged into Twitter and saw some of my Tweeps taking part in a discussion about hot climbers and geek climbers and I retweeted a line asking if it was a climber pick up line, which led to @theusualsuspect saying that he could see it as a contest. I thought, hey that’s easily done and so I replied with: “Ok new hashtag #climberpickup RT @theusualsuspect I could see a competition based on the ‘Twitterclimber pickup line’ :)”

I even pronounced @cragbaby @cupcakemafia and @katiebeth to be judges along with me and then went about my day.

I came back from a short bike ride to find that not only was it still going but it had picked up steam.

So… I’m going to make it a real contest.

To enter:
1. Get a Twittter account
2. Tweet your best climber pick up line(s) by Thursday, May 28th,  8pm Pacific Time and be sure to use #climberpickup in your Tweet

I’ll post all the entries and @cragbaby @cupcakemafia @katiebeth and I will choose our top three and hopefully overlap will determine the winner. EDIT: This just in, @cjedmonston and @theclimbergirl are now on the judging committee as well.

Winner will get their pickup line on a t-shirt from my store!

In the event of a tie we’ll do a poll vote off here on the blog.

My Twitter Glossary:

Twitter – a microblogging tool which limits the user to using 140 characters and makes your posts available for people to follow.

Tweet – 1. noun.  a mini blog post limited to 140 characters, originally used to answer the question “What are you doing?” 2. verb. To make a mini blog post using Twitter.

Tweeps – Twitter slang for “peeps” or people you follow and/or who follow your Twitter account.

Retweet – When a Twitter user repeats something someone else has said using Twitter, usually to share with more folks and/or to comment on the original tweet.

@username – A convention used by Twitter to relay messages to a specific Twitter account holder. In this case your Tweet would be directed to “username”.

hashtag – A convention of using the “#” symbol in front of a word to make it easy for people to search for Tweets on a given topic.

If Twitter still confuses you don’t worry, it happens to us all and frankly when I first joined it I didn’t see the point. Now, well, now you can see that it’s for doing serious things like this contest.  I’m kidding, if you can look beyond the silliness of the contest you’ll notice that there is a nice community of climbers who have found each other on Twitter — and that is never a bad thing in my book!