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Thursday, October 25th, 2012

It’s been 10 years since first launched and one of the highlights of this time period for me has been joining the Chaco Ambassador team. Well, I was thinking what better way to celebrate’s 10 Year Anniversary than to give away something new! I love my pairs of Chaco sandals and flip flops, but I’ve also discovered their great line up boots!

Tedinho Waterproof Boot

Tedinho Waterproof Boot

These Chacos still have that same, knee and stride saving footbed but now come in trail, rain, snow and/or fashion friendly boot versions.
The winner will get their choice of one pair of male or female boots! You can see the boot line ups here: Men’s Boots and Women’s Boots.

How to Enter

This will be a random give away.

You can better your chances of winning by doing all of the below, or just do one of them if you’re feeling especially lucky!

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post by answering one of these questions: When did you start climbing? Do you own Chacos?
  2. On Twitter, follow @rockgrrl and @chacousa and tweetyour favorite outdoor location and use the hashtags #RockgrrlAnniversary #ChacoPlaces in the tweet
  3. Post a reply with a photo on the Rockgrrl Facebook post about the contest with a photoof the place/area they first got hooked on climbing or the outdoors.
  4. Post a reply with a photo on the Chaco Facebook post about the contest with a photo of the place/area they first got hooked on the outdoors.

Entries will be counted from today through midnight PST on October 31st and the winner will be announced by noon PST Thursday, November 1, 2012 on the blog.

How to Get Started in Rock Climbing – 10 Year Anniversary Series Post

Friday, August 31st, 2012

I recently realized that not only is 10 years old this year, but I started climbing over 20 years ago! It made me think back on when and how I started and how it might have changed since then.

On top of Balance Rock

On top of Balance Rock

I started asking climbers how they got started. “A friend asked me to go bouldering in a gym and I said, ‘Sure!’” this was from a climber who started climbing recently. Another climber said he started by getting into mountaineering, then going rock climbing with a friend and eventually taking a class. He started in the early 90s. Other answers from climbers who had been climbing five years or less included taking classes, scrambling around on one’s own and seeing if they could do it, having a boyfriend take them out, having a lover take them out, and having a girlfriend teach them.

My own rock climbing story began with a slight fear of heights and a class I took at a university which was held at a rock formation I had wondered about for years. I took the beginning class, got hooked, took another class, made friends… and the rest is history as the saying goes.

So what are your choices today?

  • 1. You can take a class indoors or out
  • 2. You can hire a guide
  • 3. You can have a mentor / friend teach you
  • 4. You can teach yourself

For many folks just starting out I would recommend the first two options. Taking a class is a great way to just see if climbing is for you. Classes or guided instruction also usually offer equipment rental which is better than buying gear before you know if you’ll love climbing or what kind of equipment is best for you. Formal instruction is offered in a variety of ways: through a climbing gym, through outdoor equipment stores, through schools, and through climbing or adventure guiding companies. Instruction can be held indoors or out, as single or multiday outings. While a class in a gym is convenient, I think learning outdoors in nature is still a great way to learn.

When researching your options, find out if instructors are accredited with the American Mountain Guides Assocation (AMGA) This association certifies guides and climbing instructors and is the United States’ representative to the 21-member International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA), the international governing body responsible for guiding standards and education around the world. If an instructor is certified with the AMGA I’d personally give that class priority, especially for higher level classes.

There are a number of books available about rock climbing and mountaineering, and on the internet these days you can gain not only information about rock climbing in general but also find local recommendations for classes, guides or mentors in your area. One warning though, if you do read about climbing before taking your class, don’t take the information in the books (and especially on the internet) as the final word. Climbing has evolved over the years and is continuously evolving and your instructor may have more up to date information.

If you are lucky enough to have a friend or find a mentor who is willing to teach you, keep in mind the above information. Also, realize that you are putting your life in your friend’s hands and what that kind of responsibility could mean to your friendship.

As far as option 4 goes, for the brand new climber, I would advise against it. I think it’s a fine thing to research climbing on one’s own but when it comes to actual practice, it’s best to first do it with someone who knows what he or she is doing and who can advise you on what gear to rent or borrow.

With so many options for a beginner climber these days, I think It’d be hard to beat a class or guided experience for the best and safest introduction to the sport.

Still interested in giving climbing a try? Go forth and research your local options (or take a plunge and book a vacation with an accredited and well reviewed guide). But remember, climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. It’s not always like how TV specials or Citibank commercials show you, but it should be something that you try with an eye towards fun AND awareness.

Joshua Tree Weekends

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

This spring I’ve been heading out to Joshua Tree for more weekend only trips than ever before. So far it’s turned out great and we’ve been able to climb with different groups of friends (and crash their campsites).

I’m not caught up in terms of posting pics but here’s a video I made of the weekend just passed. It was K and my 1st Anniversary. We were going to climb locally and then go out to the restaurant where we got married but opted for a Joshua Tree trip instead. After all for a climber, the 1st Anniversary isn’t paper, it’s Quartzite Monzonite right?

We’re still going to the restaurant but doing that this weekend 😉

Best viewed in full screen:

Atlantis Wall & Bird on a Wire from rockgrrl on Vimeo.

Climbing at Atlantis Wall and doing Bird on a Wire 5.10a, weekend of April 10th and 11th.

Climbers: Audrey, Peter, Kelly, Eileen
Bird on a Wire Leaders: Pitch 1: Eileen, Pitch 2: Peter, Pitch 3: Kelly. Guest appearances by some unknown climbers near our route and following up 1st pitch of Bird on a Wire (but then they branched off onto another route).

Still and Motion Photographer: Eileen of

Music: Cavern of Time by Butterfly Tea

Special thanks to Rhesa for belaying and Carlos and Kevin for letting Eileen clean their route on Atlantis Wall.

Link to still photos: