Hi, I’m founding editor, “rockgrrl” aka Eileen aka “Dances on Rocks”. By today’s standards I guess you could say I’m an old school climber, having started over 20 years ago. Now having started and having climbed consistently since then are two different things, and I have had my stops and starts. Some of those were due to climbing partners moving away and me having to train new ones. I’ve introduced a small number of folks to climbing, so I suppose I’ve contributed to the sport’s growth in my own small way ūüėČ

Though I was mainly a shy bookworm as a kid, I have enjoyed outdoor activities my entire life, including early camping trips to Yosemite and many California State Beaches with my family and wilderness trips with the Girl Scouts. One reason I got into climbing was because I loved hiking and exploring, and climbing is an extension of both.

I started the rockgrrl website in 2002. I’m a bit of a geek and a professional graphic designer so I had intended to write and hand code in many articles about climbing and outdoor adventures and while I did share a lot, it was mainly done in the rockgrrl forums and the photo gallery rather than on the homepage. Fast forward to 2009, when I decided to integrate a blog into my home page instead of doing the hand hard coding, in the hopes that the ease of which I can write a blog post would help me contribute more consistently.

With the advent of Twitter my site and profile got a large boost on the internet. I was a founding organizer of the JtreeTweetup and eventually I was invited to the Gore-Tex Outdoor Blogger Summit and was also an inaugural member of the 2012-2013 8 person Chaco Ambassador Team. I have also been a guest on ClimbTalk radio and a member of the #ORInsight lab. Currently I am an Adidas Outdoor Grassroots Ambassador.

I hope you join in the fun, whether by commenting here in the blog or on my photos (I maintain largely casual photos on rockgrrl.com but I also have a professional photography site),¬†by following me on Twitter or Instagram — or meeting up at a random rock face in the great outdoors!

~ Eileen
aka rockgrrl

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