Ginger Cracks Video – #RRTweetup Red Rocks, NV 2010

Just a casual video. Bit of the approach, climb & view.

Bonus points if you can name the music.

Ginger Cracks – Red Rocks Nevada from rockgrrl on Vimeo.

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  • jeremyonrockgrrlsblog

    Music = MacGuyver Not to be confused with the A-Team or Chip N Dale

  • Yay! Ok for being right, for linking to awesome videos, and for the extra effort of making a Disqus account (everyone should see a Twitter sign in option though too), you get… 1 Millllion Points!

  • jeremyonrockgrrlsblog

    Except… Your blog says I only have 1 point… Boo.

  • HAHA gotta love the music on this! Well done! I love the Red Rocks!

  • Thanks, just thought I'd have some fun 🙂