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Posts from ‘November, 2009’

#JtreeTweetup – Gunsmoke Video Mix

I made a mix of video Luke, Lizzy and I took with my Flip MinoHD at Gunsmoke. The music was provided by Flip so sorry if it’s a little repetitious. It’s currently not in HD as the full file was over a gig in size and Vimeo (even the Pro version) wouldn’t take it. I’ll […]

#JTreeTweetup – My Still Photography

Being a climber/photographer is a balancing act on most trips, I found it even harder when “organizer” was thrown in the mix. Still, I tried my best. I got one starry night shot with a Leonid meteor in it though I didn’t get a chance to use my shutter trigger. I didn’t do as much […]

#JTreeTweetup – Joshua Tree Tweetup 2009

Oh boy. How am I gonna start this? Well first I’ll say, “We pulled it off!” We got 20+ folks in Joshua Tree National Park, many who had never been to it before and we didn’t lose, injure or maim anyone. Some may have left with an indelible impression but that can’t be helped. Setting […]

Climber’s Guide to Joshua Tree Camping – Part 3 – Detailed Packing List

In Part 1 I shared my detailed & annotated Google Map, Part 2 I highlighted tips on what to bring. Now I bring you my promised, Climber’s Joshua Tree Camping Pack List. I created it using PackWhiz, a handy online app which lets you create, modify and share packing lists. My list began as a […]

Climber’s Guide to Joshua Tree Camping – Part 2

In Part 1 of my Climber’s Guide to Joshua Tree Camping I shared a map I created, I’ve since updated it with a free wifi access coffee shop,  a convenient gas station and a place to rent camping equipment so be sure to check it out again. Now I’ll get to the Packing Question. What […]

Climber’s Guide to Joshua Tree Camping – Part 1

Now that the JTreeTweetup is just around the corner I’ve been getting a few questions about Joshua Tree and what camping there will be like. I thought I’d do a series of posts on this. While you can find a lot of information online about Joshua Tree National Park, my posts will highlight a few […]

Gore Experience More Blogger Summit Part 2 – Testing, Competition & Play

Day 2 The Moisture Transfer Rate Equation After breakfast in the hotel the next order of the day was a visit to the Gore facilities in Elkton, Maryland. This is an actual testing and production plant so occasionally we were not allowed to take photos, such as on the production floor where laminate was being […]