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Posts from ‘July, 2009’

High Sierra / Tuolumne Trip ‘09 – Part 3 Backcountry & Sport Climbs

Day 6 – 7/15 The Parade of climbers continued on Wednesday. Peter, Jamie and I started off by getting a Wilderness permit and going to Ellery Lake to do a 5.9 there but had to leave early to meet up again with the rest of the gang and new arrivals.  We rendezvoused with Cliff and […]

High Sierra / Tuolumne Trip ‘09 – Part 2

Day 3 &4 – 7/12, 7/13 “Whoa! Hey!” It was around 4 in the morning but I knew what that yelling meant — a bear. That’s how Sunday started. With a mighty shake of the truck and a bang of a box (the bear was scared off quickly and didn’t get anything luckily) at a […]

High Sierra / Tuolumne Trip ’09 – Part 1 Candlelight Buttress

Despite a stomach sinking prologue to my trip, I was excited to go out to Tuolumne again and this time to add a stop to climb near the Whitney Portal. The Plan was pretty complicated, aside from two nights outside of Tuolumne, Peter and I were in charge of procuring a campsite for a number […]

Our Trad Rack is Gone – Trip Report Prologue

“I’m sick to my stomach,” K was telling me. Mine wasn’t doing too well either. It was Thursday, July 9, a day before my departure date for a 9 day climbing trip and I was just getting the news that our trad rack of gear was possibly donated to a local charity who would have […]