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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

When is a 5.7 Not a 5.7? – Joshua Tree in January Conclusion

“You’ll have too much drag!” Dave shouted up to Luis, who was scouting around a round cap formation near the top of a trad climb on Chimney Rock. As his belayer, I was standing in a position about 50 feet below and to the left of Luis, unable to see what was going on. I […]

Joshua Tree in January – Trip Photos

Embedded slideshow of select photos plus link to the full candid album set.

Joshua Tree in January Part 2 – Climbers & Climbs

My only expectations were then centered on me following routes, putting up some sport/ top rope climbs and maybe doing repeats of trad leads I had done but Peter hadn’t. I also expected it to be very cold, day and night, for the entire trip.

My weather expectations were a little off, it was cold at night and in the shade but on Saturday it was so warm that the guys took off their shirts and Nicole and I went down to tank top / short sleeves layers.

My climbing expectations were also exceeded.

Joshua Tree in January Part 1 – Campsite Conflict

As usual, J Tree surprised me and taught me again that you can never really know all there is about a place, a group of people, yourself or your climbing abilities. Like Joshua Tree itself, my trip report will be structured a bit unconventionally and sometimes jump in time.